We all grow up but sometimes we dont.

Firstly..thank you everyone for the birthday wishes.
I visit my blog everyday, having intentions to write up something quickly each time..I am busy but not very busy..just occupied with too many things I guess. Don’t like it when my blog takes a back seat…but this blog is like that highly understanding friend who just stays there, visible..present…always there..never complaining..*sigh*
Dear Blog–will you marry me?
On second thoughts, no I take back the offer, there’s no conflict u know..!! Whatever conflict there is..is within me!
I think its one of those never ending situations buried in your heart. You are still..forever..despite everything staying in conflict with your heart…
You can never really know if you made the right decision. Just go with the fucking flow.
Current Conflicts in my heart
  • Are parents always right? And if they think they are right will it be alright?
  • People being nice is a very scary concept.
  • Take all emotions. Mix them with some more confusion. Voila! We just found love.
  • Making your own decisions is something to be proud of, but what if it all backfires?
  • Laziness is just a greasy dusty mental condition, like a car that hasn’t been used for years. It needs a kickstart or else it’ll rust forever.
  • Ok the car example was wrong.
  • Fat is like Air. It just enters your system somehow!!!

So now you have 10,000 things to think about while i try to cut a watermelon n stare at this mehendi on my hands wondering why i asked for a simple design!!



12.34 am
feels…better 🙂

I wonder too much

How do you think Beyond? How can you make yourself educated/knowledgeable about everything? Is it needed? Where does it all start and where does it all end?
Thou shall not talk shit.

Soon my life will change..a new destination and all that jazz…Right now I’m kinda wondering how I’m going to handle it all..cause I’ve never been away from home..I’m not like scared or anything and neither am i thiking that I’ll be lonely and blah blah. I guess its finally going to be the time when I can take charge of myself..Tips are welcome from every random visitor. I hope it’ll be good, yes I do know its not going to be easy..but I’m up for the challenge cuz am eager to learn living on my own..Ofcourse there’s a lot of it which I will only realise once im there …small things and big things (which this blog is surely gonna witness…hmm)
Kinda waiting for the action to begin..wonder if i’ll change much. I wonder too much. 🙂

WHERE is everyone??

  • When confused have chocolate.
  • When thirsty have Tang
  • When bored watch random tv channels.
  • When even more bored visit blogs you haven’t visited in a very long time.
  • When angry blame your genes.
  • When frustrated blame it on bloody frustration.
  • When feeling low, call your beautician, go shopping, call a friend or give yourself a warm foot soak.
  • Guys could have skipped the last one.
  • When restless channel your energy towards something creative for example trying to figure out a software, photoshopping the same image again and again, reading 3 books-one in the morning, afternoon and night respectively, mixing all the chocolate powders at home with sugar and coffee and everything random, licking mustard sauce

I have so much to do.

What if I dont get to do this again?

What if we live our life by this one single line?
When will i get a chance to do this again?
What if i dont get to do this again?
When will i ever do this again?
On the contrary, you may ask yourself…
So what if I can’t do this, I’ll do something else yea?
If you dont get to do this now, you do get to do it later dont ya?
Life is all about taking the chances or is it about going step by step? Many would say its a combination of both. Many would just side with one of the two…I’m sure it works for people according to their tempraments and personalities.
Now here’s the question- I dont know what part of it is suited for me! Probably a combination..but then I always wonder what it would be like on one of the sides. Sometimes I think I’m too much of a step by step person. In the end for many its good..it works..it lasts.
Sigh. I’m trying to convince myself.
*Comfort food..where are youu*