Ahhhh Puri!

Not those fried ones you eat with aloo dum PLEASE!
And for a lot of souls who still dont know (yes i did encounter like 3 people who did not know) Puri is a beach in Orissa, near its capital Bhubaneshwar..and it is the home of the famous Jagannath temple. It is also Lord Krishna’s in-laws place. lol random trivia jeez i sound like some guide.
But the bestestttttt part about that place is its beach (not the main beach, as usual that is the story of how we indians dirty everything we have and make it overcrowded and it lies around for the whole world to criticise and comment upon and for foreigners to come and observe and experience)
But thank god for resorts and their own section of the beach which is clean and clear and empty and almost begging you to jump into the waves!! The first few minutesyou just cant see beyond the lovely blue waters..crashing down..and then you slowly wet your feet..oh well and before you can enjoy it slowly you have someone pushing you into the waves or throwing a blob of goeey wet sand at you. But its fun!
Fun. Beach. Water. Waves.
If you need a break..this IS is the place!
And the oversmart fisherman, well if you want to sit on a huge tube and float on the high waves, you gotta tolerate his know it all attitude!
The foodie in me enjoyed eggs everyday, and now i feel like an egg.
And they claim that there are about 110 dolphins in the Chilka lake. We probably saw the same 2 dolphins jumping around 110 times. But yeah before they could be captured on the camera, they decided to jump into the water again. Tried feeding them bread as well as candy…but typically indian the dolphins..stubborns would make a guest appearance and dive right into the water.
And yeah Aksha your right (shucks people are getting to know me pretty well in here) I cannot write about it in like 2 lines, although i am writing in a hurry.
But the greatest spectacle, actually there was no spectacle…. was the Temple! Now will somebody PLEASE explain the concept of blind faith.
I mean the place is a corruption center!!! First you have these 20 year olds acting like pandas promising to show u this and that and blah (basically will make u shell out money, they even bargain amazing what faith) Then you see please dont spit signs and dirty red walls right below it! And people and some more people and some more people just running around wildly, crazily trying to pray..in lines.. no place to stand. AND they’ve all come to pray!! I mean for the love of god HOW can u pray like this. Like how!!!
And come to think of it, you cant even walk properly outside the temple, I almost bumped into a black bull sitting in the middle of the road. It was dark.
But there’s something about the beach..there just is..it pulls you. Even if you’re a scary crow, you cannot not get wet and get crazy in the beach! I love the beach!
I recommend a beach vacation to everyone..once a year atleast! Dont make it 6 years like me or you’ll be crying to see water!!
Hmm what else did we do..endless food and chocolates, cards, books.. (praps u gonna be very angry when i tell you what i read LOL naww its no penthhouse novel relax haha)
And train journeys- I have come to the conclusion that no matter where you go what train you take, there will ALWAYS be a baby crying in the next compartment all night. Always.
Oh my dad adopted a dog for 3 days and it folowed us around all over the resort scaring my cousin like crazy!
But sigh the beach…at night..OMg it is like THE most romantic thing ever. And guess who i see sititng and enjoying the lovely waves at night…. old uncles and aunties and i was wondering oh well romance yeah right whatever.
So well i could go on and on cuz well i can write on and on, but im in a hurry so well…enjoy the pic i’ll upload a few more later.

some this and some that!

A certain someone i was friends with (and not quite in touch with now) had once told me- why can’t you girls stop judging people? One particular act/habit cannot be an excuse to judge a person and there was a bit more of blah blah blah to it. Oh yeah we were arguing that time, and i had mentally decided not to try and judge people instinctively, and to give them time and not to form opinions based on just a first impression. I still try to stick to it. Occasionally i cheat my mental decision and do form opinions, sometimes they’re right, sometime’s they’re not (God i sound like some multiple choice question!!) But it sure makes it easier for me to get along with people, i don’t have too many expectations that way and sometimes people surprise me by being better than i expected them to be probably just cuz i kept no expectations.
But despite whatever i tell myself to do, and whatever part of me doesn’t listen to me…I cant Help but categorising people sometimes when I’m observing them or interacting with them. And especially those people with whom i interact frequently. So here goes my list of some this and some that in no particular order…. and the list is definitely not complete!
  • The I have high standards and i will make the rest of the world my slave kinds. Now all they want is for their stuff to happen exactly how they want it to, by hook or by crook, by tears or by anger, by stubborn behaviour or by hunger strikes, by lying or by cribbing. Its almost always about me me me me me. I want fame, I want name, I want money I want honey I need a break.
  • The I am too smart for you and even if I dont get my way out I’m sure to make you feel guilty or pass negative judgements about you getting your way. Ok you’re smart, ok you have brains Ok you have experience Alright we know your smart again…but the rest of us are not that bad are we???
  • I’m the sweet poison. I’m smart but not over smart, I’m intelligent, hard working but i have little bullets up my sleeve..watch out or even if u do watch out, I’m sure to fire a few here and there just to show that I’m capable of firing. sigh. people.
  • Queen Bitches. Term reserved especially for the likes of a certain few females who’re passionate about being the ultimate torturous knife. A flash of eyes, a comment a stare, the volley of words….somebody give them a whack PLEASE!!
  • Bad habits never die kinds, always late, always unavaialable, always forgetting….and not knowing any roads as well!!
  • Secretive yet outgoing…could be your best friend but yet you’ll discover things that might surprise you…or contradictions…seeming double faced at times, yet mature and understanding…mysterious yet so cliched.

And yeah though some traits might consciously or unconsciously match people mentioned earlier in a lot of my pevious ahem frustrated posts this is just a general observation about many other people as well. But then again there are so many people……



Yoooohooo-in the words of divoo.

Dear Mizter Amitabh Bachchan,
Happy Birthday!
ps: i love your son.

Yeah folks (folks? eww) I’m back! Come to think of it i was not really gone.
Was just wondering about how selfish are we? or are we not? I mean I do things which i want to do….study what i want to….talk to whoever i want to, sometimes not though but most of the times….I’m not talking about stuff like i live for myself- obv we all live for ourselves or our family or spouse or whatever blah. But most of the simple things we do- its our personal choice- what I’m trying to say- we’re all selfish when it comes to our little needs….the music thatw e listen to, the way we do things, our habits, our clothes..whatever…so does that mean our addictions are out of selfishness too? I mean even if we know things are bad why would you want to selfishly stay hooked to it? Its not easy to explain certain needs as selfishness but what about those addictions which lead nowhere…
I’m just wondering how selfish is very selfish!
There i’ve confused you all and myself. awesome.

A vacation
-can bring a smile to your face
-makes you want to look forward to something
-makes time seem so so so slow
-fills your head with excited thoughts.
I cant wait!