So why do part anti social people like me have utterly unrequired, random and far off contacts on their gtalk contact lists?
For example, some random chick who wanted to ask questions regarding my brilliant college, another random chick who I met during my admissions and who I dont talk to, random guy from college who thinks he’s great and has barely spoken to me…and some more..

Good Reads

I normally don’t have a lump in my throat after reading a book, but Unaccustomed Earth has left me feeling strangely sad. I’m usually not affected by stories or films I watch..but I’m surprising myself by writing about this.
Jhumpa Lahiri weaves yet another set of short stories which stay with you, atleast for a while. The last set of three stories with time jumps, narrated in first person from different perspectives is the most touching.
I actually felt bad towards the end. One of the few stories where you are eager to see the two characters to bump into each other.
Her earlier novels have already proved that she can describe Bengalis to the T. I wonder if she’ll be able to describe any other tribe that well.
Read it if you like short stories, subtle endings and little ironies that make life..

Bombay Bluhs

Bring me spring with a hint of april showers..
Or send me to autumn, with leaves falling across my eyes …
..as I trudge, along the stony sidewalk..
Kicking the stray can aside, humming a tune..the words lost
The wind betrays the season’s pace
As summer engulfs a breeze so brave
And fills me with the scent of mangoes ripe..
Tangy from the seller’s shelter,
A taste so rich and hues so bright..
I almost forgot, that I hate the sight
Of the yield, the fruit..of princely delights.


So..its been a while since I wrote. No worries..I haven’t turned alien to writing. Infact I’ve been in writing in two styles completely alien to each other.
Bombay. A city that I’ve written about..probably one of the cities that never ceases to amaze me. Walking down the streets next to my workplace gives me some sort of self importance. Makes me feel like I belong to some ku klux klan. Young, seemingly busy men, women, girls and guys walking to and fro in front of me. Long, quick strides hoping to meet limits set by time. Bags- big and small, some professional, some over the top..And almost everyone-busy talking on the phone or listening to music..cellphones/ipods/mp3 players. Radio and Gadget industry- please take note.
So, whats work like? When you look as an outsider, you might think of the place as intimidating, a place where no one has time..a difficult to achieve goal..a world totally different from your usual existence, where you feel like well- an outsider…like a small ant at the tip of a massive ant hill. And a week into the place and you’re somewhere around the hill..trudging around, trying to help..picking small pieces of grains..learning the tricks of the trade..observing..the people dont seem as intimidating, you see them in their several shades (not like the ones u wear), which make them seem more err human..and we all know how human beings are. Bitchy. Foolish. Animated. Eccentric…and all that jazz.
And ofcourse..had my first glimpse of office politics, which btw involves a lot of subtle underlying tension.
So where does the ant go from here? To other hills? Or to the top of this hill?

Owe another letter to Him

Dear God..
You don’t fail to surprise me. Some people claim that I crib for 2 weeks and get what I want…(well which is not exactly true cuz i’ve been cribbing about my weight for sometime now..dont groan please people) I’m still taking things as they come, building the initiative..which I discovered that I don’t lack. One doesn’t have to be boygenius or ms.bournvita to get a job, maybe sustaining it is tough or maybe surviving competition and delivering constantly is tough…I don’t know why I’m saying this..Its just been 3 days..and that too not proper work! I also now know that preconcieved notions should be avoided as much as possible..and maybe some of us as humans are too scared to dirty their fingers in every well..which is what this city teaches you to do…to face any kind of situation..
Work culture and PR is beginning to surprise me…
But I’m trying to take it all in…take it all in 🙂
To bravery…
PS: I hope you realize that the weight crib has been going on for sometime now! 😦