She’s back On Popular Demand!

Ok Ok I’m fine, just keep having outbursts, they’re normal!
And now due to public demand I have to bring her back..(yeah about 3-4 of you have enquired about her..gee i didn’t know she was that famous :P)
But afterall she’s my Granny..has to be famous 😛 haha
Ah but to be very honest i have nothing to crib or whine about, regarding her…as of now, her normal bickerings have become..well normal- a part of life, so doesn’t affect me as such, personally i keep out of her way as much as possible, but as of now she’s at her pampering best since am home all day, between eggjams 😀
But yeah since i’ve cried and grumbled about her in the past, its only fair that everyone knows about her Good side (ahh yeah she has GOOOD side too, she’s famous for that :P)
A long time ago, probably a good 15 years back, there was a sweet little girl, the apple of her granny’s eyes–obviosuly 😛 Thoroughly pampered by her, who would lie down flat on the ground, in the toy shops– would be ready to tear her clothes off unless she was brought her favourite barbie dolls…or new clothes, or just about anything that caught her fancy! And who fulfilled her wishes?
Granny ofcourse! 🙂
The small little utensils made of hardened earth, the pichkari’s every holi, each year a new Rath during the Rathyatra season, crackers on diwali, i had a new christmas tree every year–yes she did pamper me a LOT!
She would make me sleep next to her, pressing my head each time i had headaches, she dressed me every single day, would still puff my face with talcum powder if she gets an opportunity–ahh but i’ve managed to duck and run away over the years, teaching the same trick to my brother now 😉
(yeah i know i make her sound like a delight….those days seem like stone ages now)
I think she deserves most of the credit for the wonderful childhood i’ve had (i sound soo sentii ugh)
But yeah i don’t know if i’ll get around to telling her–but i love her lots! (ok not lots but yeah still do :P)

not a poet, just a victim of circumstances and no this has nothing to do with studies.


This picture depicts my future.

Sometimes i hate certain things happening in life– a wish for change is like asking for too much. im confusing you all i guess and im confusing myself. its jst me frustrated so dont bother and let me ramble…sometimes i wish i could go back in time, like certain things wouldn’t have ever happened, change a few things over, facing consequences is the most horrible thing ever.forget it…it’ll pass. i hope it does.

What we can learn from America/ What i Like about Americans.

Yes you can re-read the title. Yes you read it right.

So what is it about America that we can learn?

Is it their Music–you like their music don’t you?

Their food? The chains,the Big Macs, Walmart, the malls, their lifestyle?

No. Obviously not.

There are people who’re highly influenced by the west–they enjoy the music,their tv shows, the food, the culture, the feel, the concepts, their dressing style..Why? Have you ever stopped and asked a simple question like-What is That quality, what is that thing in them–that makes everybody around want to ape them?

Our food, fashion, films, music, lifestyle–everything is influenced by their ways..

Ever stopped and wondered why? (Wondering is my latest passion)

The other day, I was watching a show on discovery travel and living, with Dad giving me company. They showed a whole lot of american towns, cities–no it was not lonely planet-america special. But something i observed while watching all those places was that Americans:

a) do their own thing–which is fine i mean most of us who do not ape the west like to do our own thing, some maybe inspired but still, atleast there’s an effort.

b) they take pride in doing their own thing,however silly/dumb/ small it may this is one quality i find missing around me..

Everything that they do, they have their own spirit–the american spirit. They create their own ways, their own spirit. We turn our back towards some of our ways.The spirit of doing Indian things sadly missing in most places. They celebrate 4th of july by bursting crackers and having barbeque’s. This is their way of doing it. We celebrate Independence Day with a flag hoisiting session and maybe by distributing sweets. This is our way of doing it. But sadly most of us do not like our way/ bored of it/ find it dumb/ or worse are embarrassed of it!

I’m not saying that we should not follow their ways at all and turn totally Indian a la khadi clothes and traditional ways, all I’m saying is that–if we do our own thing with a little more pride, a little more interest and with a little more spirit we just might realise that being Indian is actually better..and that is something that could lead us to success–doing your own thing with pride. Copy pasting is a habit we are just so used to, shouldn’t we do it how it is done right here in our motherland? Glamour isn’t the only way 🙂


America is just an example, otherwise the French, Italian–and most of the western countries some of us are so heavily ‘influenced by/like to follow’ do the same.

These are not plain words. This is something to take notice of.


Yes I’m studying a bit and getting distracted lots and going out a bit too, and this is not some post republic day message or late inspiration from rang de basanti..its just my messed up mind as usual 🙂 wrote that in a hurry so might have missed out on a whole lot of points!


Ahh this seems like the LONGEST comment blog..! you’ll will have to hold your thoughts cuz im kinda busy so will reply to each one soon!

Happpyyy V-dayyy!


Not that you need a day to say I love you to your loved ones. Not that i have time to celebrate V day. Not that i have a someone special yet for that matter haha but if i DID have one, i would have probably asked him today what ms. horse here is asking her honey 😀


Have a great V day people, celebrate or not, follow it or not–do enjoy yourself, if you dont have a honey yet, pamper yourself 🙂


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Well its impossible studying at a stretch….2 hours at a stretch with the notes and xeroxes i feel i’ve crossed a mountain!
And i hav to get up 2-3 times between such stretches..i just cant sit still without getting distracted!
(im sorry icy, viking it just DOESNT happen)
And my wonderings continue..
We all talk about empathising, and imagining yourself in somebody else’s place, put youself in the other person’s shoes etc. etc. Be understanding …blah i mean how many of us can actually do that, rather how easy is it to do that? Unless you have probably experienced it yourself.. is it easy?
Can u put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes who is about to grill the candidates?
Can you put yourself in somebody shoes who suffers from depression?
I dont know WHY all ads involving little baby’s–johnsons etc. the babies are JUST wearing diapers and nothing apart frm that–its something really stupid i observed!
Also why cant be control our dreams and imaginations?? I sometimes see the most horribly negative dreams ever…they say u dream about stuff you want to see/ or you want it to happen!
i want to be positive and i always end up negative! its weird!!