This is a timed entry.

So time starts now, I’m timing this entry, just to see how many thoughts I have in say 5 minutes, I ‘ll stop when..umm whenever I want within this time. Oops changing those spelling mistakes took me time. So yeah how many of us lie to ourselves? o we lie to hide our true thoughts? Hmmm considering that my research proposal is going bonkery..and I’m trying hard to salvage it. Everything is being done at a time..oops i lost count of time. So yeah everything I’m doing to meet deadlines, is getting me results.. dont know if they are desired results. Like the banyan tree still slightly I passed it to a friend. Hopefully she will have a brainwave. I dont like passing on stuff. Even after passing it on I STILL feel like adding stuff to it, I’d rather finish my corel assignments than do this bullshit research. I think its been 2 or 3 minutes already..Now im wasting seconds reading the entry. Aaaaah. So yes thank you to gauthum who provided me with a lot of stuff. (wht the hell were u doing earlier when I was crying over this damn…research) So basically I’m wasting this entry bitching bout research. Tiger thangarajan must be dreaming of his multi phd’s. So why was that guy flirting with me? Was he flirting or was he being a wannabe. Why do I feel its the latter…Maybe I should not have spoken too much.
 Time up!
PS: Tiger thangarajan and that guy are different people. If you may please. I have such a boring life. Shit. I actually mentioned a very sad interaction with a random guy I met for the first time on my blog!!! What is wrong with me!!! 😦 Viking and Praps please dont jump the gun…I need a break.


Its going to be a positive journey for sometime now.
No matter what.

Its tough.

its not easy to live the kind of life you dont want and yet want and live it with interventions which you cannot stop yet cannot disregard or unappreciate, when you cant talk, or open up, cant explain or confide, when tears wont matter or sadness will be laughed at, when the mind is sucked into a bottomless pit, when the deadlines crush you softly and when you realize that the words you spoke, or the friends you made, or the ideas you have or the future you might have will not make any sense at all.
Negativity. Just brews with blood.

Munchkin…I am not drunk.

Difficult for you to be honest to yourself? Or discreet. Close your eyes. You don’t see no one. Or someone. Words on the book, words in the eyes, words dont suffice. Can’t balance? Sleep. Beings. Mosquitoes.. Strange Mosquitoes. Where did sincerity go? Some new world. Oh take me to the land with the yellow bricks..pardon me its the Oz effect. Kiss me to sleep. Not you, you lousy mosquitoe! Twisted creativity. Lack of expression. Lack of inspiration? Lack of excuses! Yeah?
Pottery. Tango. I hate pickles now. Messed with virtuality. Its no use. A hundred years are waiting. You can’t peep in anymore.
Take me to my childhood. Safari Park, lots of trees..the straight road. The single horse. Monkey on the tree, munching on bananas. The rabbit section, my favourite…nostalgia in each grain of salt, whose sandcastles we built and destroyed a thousand times. Swirling swings, endless rounds..Two sided swings..the rolling slides. Breeze and charm. Where’s that place, hidden? Let me be there..once..twice..when I was two..or four..or eight..
Dont let me go..this whirlpool..this crowd.Struggling. Mingling.Craving. Where’s that feeling? Where’s that warmth? Playfully heartless? The sands dont speak..its alien. We’re not lonely. We’re just walking our intermingled roads. We’re in some heaven, as Bryan Adams said. Only is hard to see.

Law of unfairness

So I just finished watching DDLJ over the last 2-3 days. Yes thats how my life is. I really cannot figure out how to finish one piece of work in a limited period of time. Its not that I can’t finish it, I just end up not doing a lot of other things. Its not fair to mankind in general. Dont ask how. Its the law of unfairness. Hmph