There are times you wish you had not written anything.
This is one of those times.

More due?

There’s something about green breeze, white sands, yellow shacks, blue nets and random shorts.

and maroon port wine. 
Better than whine.
Sadly, temporary.
More temporary than you or I thought.


I should just start making e-cards cause every possible e-card site has turned paid. 

Sometimes I feel weekends just fly away. 
I am beginning to believe that Doctors are the world’s most conveniently ignored people who are only remembered when something goes amiss, yet they are chuckling away happily in one corner over a hell lot of paranoid patients, charging them a bomb and when you finally realise you’re one of those patients as well, they just shove pills, prescriptions and treatments in your face and you can’t help but turn flabbergasted. And all this with only word of mouth advertising.
And I am yet to come across a man who will be able to endure as many medical problems I have seem women face. 
Ok so I am on a secret mission to destroy the world. Or myself. Uhoh. No secret no more.
* that is the name of the book I’m currently reading. Its about Gods. Applause.