Adult behaviour can sometimes put an immature child to shame.
Its funny that they actually expect people to listen to them after that.
Whats even more dumb is that i end up being an obedient listener to them most of the times.
And then i curse.
Or else they curse..(ok fine they don’t curse…we all know what they say)
Lady Luck and Destiny—-hate these two.
Somehow they are never on my side.
I envy those who enjoy their company.
Opportunities  too evade me, when i need them most..
or is it that i don’t grab them?
even when i do, maybe i end up making a mess of it.
And i should stop blaming myself..anymore..
and stop pitying myself too..
i know all the issues but i’m unable to tackle them–i don’t agree with stuff-
i seem to have lost a lot of my own qualities.

:/ Cliche

I’m tooo bored while i write this..so just bear with me bloggers. No No No don’t jump to conclusions..it is NOT my story or inspired by my life or whatever..had Somewhat similar experiences.. though what I would do in such a situation could be another story itself =)
You are not going out right now…at this hour.
She turned around and walked towards her room, leaving the question hanging in the air.
Her mom stopped her mid-way, a pleading look in her eyes…
Please listen to her, she is elder to you…you are getting your share of freedom..
Mom please, i don’t need all this right now..its my wish-i’ll go out whenever i want to, you all can’t stop me.
But Nina, Dadi  will get very angry- you know her temper don’t you, what is the point of fighting like this?  Why are you being so disobedient these days, even i have started noticing.
Nina walks up to her cupboard, throws a few clothes aside and pulls out a short-white skirt.
Nina, beta listen to me…don’t create troubles..just tell your friend to go without you.
But Mom, she’s waiting downstairs, she’s come all the way to pick me..whats wrong with you both..I’ll be back by 10.30 pm …whats the big deal…
A loud voice interrupts their conversation- A plump, fairly tall woman, walking with a slight bent in an old crisp saree walks in…
Is that girl who is wearing the backless top your friend? Is she the one taking you out. Just sit at home, you are Not going anywhere. Your Dadaji does not like all this, roaming  around late at night, just with friends…
I don’t wish to talk to you, you cannot rule my life like this. I’m 15 and not a little baby anymore..
How are you going, whose car is it? How will you come back? Where are you going?
Why don’t you go with your parents, i’ll let you go where ever you want to go- take them along. We do not allow our young girls to party around at night…its not safe…If that is the kind of clothes she wears,,what influence will she have on you..? You cannot wear all these clothes outside…its almost as if you don’t have decent clothes to wear..don’t her parents say anything to her..?
What is not safe? My friend who’s wating downstairs, has a car, has a trusted driver..we’ll go in the car and return on time… and I’m capable of taking care of myself- you can stop worrying..Please dadi, stop pestering me with such questions.
Why not, if you’re going out i have to know the details, tell me exactly where you are going and how will you come back? will her car be there to drop you back..
Dropping is not much of a problem..another friend will drop me…
Which friend? Who is she?
It is a he, Rahul- he is from my class- you have met them all on my birthday..
Look here now, tell her Nina’s mother- I’m not letting her go now..which boy is he, i don’t like all this- roaming around with boys at such hours. (Screaming now)- I’m telling you, if you let your daughter go out of limits, you’ll regret later on, you might not like the sound of it right now..later on you’ll say i was right…..

Imagined endings:

  • She fights, fights even more..eventually gives up..cries a bit, stays at home.
  • She fights, argues, pushes her way out of the house, banging the door behind, comes back late, grandmom standing at the verahdah staring at her as she waves goodbye to Rahul and offers no excuse..some more fighting…
  • Parents intervene (least likely)- listen to each side, reach a compromising decision- you return early or you can’t go/ I’ll come to pick you up..
  • She fights, walks out of the house- feels so guilty throughout the party, returns back before deadline.
  • She comes back exactly on time, to find all of them waiting, slightly relieved to see the time, but still gets a warning eitherways…
  • She returns the next morning, to a sleeping home, pushes into bed, pretends as if nothing happened. (yeah jolly lucky if she can get away with that i know..)
  • Dad lands up at party place on time and drags her home.

Sounds familiar…?

All of the above endings sounded too cliched, any Un-cliched suggestions bring it on…(though when grandmoms are involved nothing un-cliched can happen! bahh lol..i’ve lost it..i think this is the dumbest blog ever- as of now..so just bear with my poor writing abilities…i was gonna erase the entire bit..but then was too bored of seeing the old entry on my page..yeah im just too bored…)


Since i am wasting time, might as well blog about it.
Check out www.googlism.com for wierd stuff. Type your name & you get stuff like this ( its dumb,but funny in parts!)

Googlism for: supriya

supriya is clear about the attributes that have stood her in good stead down the (incomplete)

supriya is also very adept physically

supriya is yet to come to terms with… ( maybe i can fill in the blanks here)
supriya is vegetarian (no she’s an egg-etarian- if there is something like that)
supriya is a natural artist (oooh i like that!)
supriya is currently a sophomore at mount holyoke college (really?)
supriya is pathetic
supriya is 2 years old
supriya is collecting (collecting what?! – )

supriya is a house wife
supriya is not that tall (5’4 isn’t bad? is it.lol)
supriya is so cute (so true.lol)

But the best ones are:

supriya is a human development specialist/ counsellor developing innovative learning methods. (hahaha)

supriya is the story of a modern girl who is committed to her family and its well being at the cost of her personal life. (oh MY GOD!)

supriya is nagarjuna’s niece and she too had made her acting debut through akkada ammayi ekkada abbayi as a heroine (yeah right!)

supriya is a happy couple (NO…im single!)

supriya is pathetic; firoz should have caste some better actress  (Huh@!! lol)


Its mindless crap..but then..i said i’m wasting time =)