waiting for the warning bells to ring

Yes I’m trying my best to study…UNSEUCCESFULLY
No more posts for… say a week..
lets see if i can stick to this.
And while i can’t seem to help coming online. i have full rights to get my frustrations out..and im gonna do it here..cuz i just can’t help getting distracted:
I’m trying my best to study, my concentration decides to play games, it just doesn’t seem to stay with me. I think of the stupidest possible things.
I swear i will seriously think of taking up meditation once these stupid exams are over.
Photoshop is THE most distracting software EVER created.
I fear i will gain a few kilos in this entire examination period. 😦
i want to watch rang de basanti really badly now.
i want to click pictures…i was dying to buy those digital photography books at the Book Fair today.
I have suddenly developed a big interest in Kane and Abel which i was trying unsuccessfully to read since the past month and now its half way done. ..oh i’ve finished the book..Amazing ain’t it ??
If i had the patience to tackle Theory of Distribution or theory of interest i wouldn’t be here.
I seem to be becoming a master at wasting time..what in the world is happening!!!
I want to study..(AGAIN) but its not happening!!!!!!
I’m thinking of doing another subject, maybe that will seem more interesting.
I advice all college people to study every month without fail, or else they will be typing stuff like this.
Oh well im trying hard not to think about the future anymore.

Formula nahiiiiiiiiii

Its a funny co-incidence that each time i switch to a particular music channel…all that i see is half naked girls, thin or fat depeding on whether its a b grade video or a c grade or a gradeless video.
And the music–all remixed versions sound same, and even the girls look the same, wear the same kind of clothes (oh whatever it is of that they wear) , have the same kind of makeup, the same pouty expressions, take me to bed looks or trying to look excessively seductive…and somehow looking equally artificial each time…!!
What is wrong with the movies being made in our country??!! (Not that they were ok earlier)
Even the formula seems horrible now.
How to make a film recipe# 34578
Sleaze + Music remixed by some DJ or sung by some music director who thinks he can pass off as a singer + 25 smooch scenes if not an MMS clip or some rumor + Brand new director who apparently has a new story/ old director copying an english hit frame by frame + SRK.AB if not then old flop ‘heriones’ who ‘dare to bare’

I’m hoping to cut down blogging as m apparently sup2 be studying, its a diff thing im switching channels on tv or browsing other blogs or generally wasting time or being dragged to social-do’s!

Impromptu blog

Oh well was just going through my archives
just wanna thank the following people for being SO sweet as my first few commenters (now all u other commenters who "discovered" me later–u guys are sweet as well and some not so sweet too but thats another blog)
(yeah not like its my blogs birthday or whatver–but i think sometimes we should thank people for being there!)
So thank u
Mr. Hawk (1sT commenter)
These were the most consistent commenters right from the beginning 🙂 they’re the best. Krits u came just a bit after them..:) and M , Icy u’ll… camE long after that! prat and sniggerboy–SHUT UP! prat i said others r sweet as well and sniggerboy–well there would be something wrong with u the day u start acting sweet. lol

I’m not particularly fond of ice-creams…the good old ice-cream seller probably never earned much on my account… People, my friends included are amazed by this fact. So all the Rasperry duets and Jiggly wiggly’s and Cornetto’s generally don’t figure on my craving list. When it comes to Cola’s I have to sheepishly admit that i CANNOT finish a single bottle on my own.

Despite avoiding these two common culprits, I don’t know how i catch colds, and coughs too for that matter.

Yup i know colas and ice creams are not always the reason behind colds and coughs, maybe its the chilly breeze, maybe i caught it from someone, maybe i should just take an extra blanket at night…

After a serious dose of medicines and pills (and a whole lot of ginger juice and honey-courtesy darling granny) i managed to recover from one of those horrible coughs which seem endless, with people actually freaking out (hey are you ok? have some water..) and extended colds where you seem to need a paper napkin every half an hour or so…it seems like I’m about to have a randezvous with my two old bum chums again..

Apparently you cough all night (you’re not sup2 know that since you’re asleep) and wake up with a sore throat..the kinds where you feel—Oh Shit! I’m about to be attacked by the cough-devil again.

And..they start attacking–first-the small fits, occassional. By evening its a little more than that.

By now, your throat burns slightly, with warning bells ringing in your head–this will be worse, if you don’t tackle it.

So tackle i do..

Mom–hot water..Now!

Now gargling is not something I’m good at, and nor am i used to it…Simply stare at those who can manage to gargle continuosly without throwing up all the water.

So to shield myself from the cough giants, i enter my bathroom with the yellow light shining brightly above my head, the glass full of hot salt water, which i manage to hold for a few seconds since i can’t even tolerate boiling hot stuff in general..lol

Staring at the glass, with the white grains floating randomly i say to myself…*Ok you have got to do this, even if you don’t know how to gargle, even if it means guzzling down half the glass full of boiling hot water–it matters a lot, even if it is hardly effective–it will save you from all the trouble of coughing loudly and distracting the class, you will sleep peacefully and so will others, atleast it will not worry your grandmother to death (oh even coughs worry her a great deal)*

Round 1 begins *bang*

You sip a mouthful of water, only to realise its wayy too much, first attempt lasts barely two seconds, and the water somehow goes down your throat wayy inside. Shit, stop yourself from gulping it down!!

Round 2 *bang*

Less water this time. attempt lasts 2 seconds too, cuz nose is blocked and you feel all choked so there… you throw up all the water. awesome

way to go gargle queen!

*now i was laughing at myself—saw my bugs bunny teeth laughing back at me…*

Round 3 *bang*—-i will do it this time! Somehow!!

Ok sip, there less water..keep it there hold it..gargle..no don’t gulp it yes..thats about 10 seconds not bad! Enough..there all the chocolates stuck around your teeth comes tumbling out…

And then there were a few repeats of round 3…managed a few quick glances at myself in the mirror and realised it was quite a funny site…with me trying hard not to gulp the water down…also saw how i would look with my cheeks even more chubbier, right now they seem quite normal..ok i’m rambling now..so over and out!

Water Water Everywhere.