So much blahness in my life!!

And if you tell me that life’s a full circle..Or a road with curves I wouldn’t disagree. I’d just add that- its a pattern, one that knits on its own. There’s a pattern somewhere. I’m yet to figure it out. Things from the past keep happening again, there’s no set design, but somewhere deep down when you look back, it will all happen in phases..some things repeat, somethings don’t. But the don’ts can be aligned in a pattern..till they become repeats.


Sometimes its difficult to think in one direction..and I often stare away into space thinking of all the things I wish to type here..away and secluded. Even from those who wish to have a peek. But sadly..when I eventually get down to writing..those thoughts play hide and seek, or vanish into thin air. And then I’m looking at this white space, trying to evoke those thoughts, ending up thinking of something totally different in the recall process. what I need. Technology are you listening??

The mind is a funny little thing isn’t it? Like a beast you can’t cage, like a child you can’t control, like an ice cream that melts, and water that re-solidifies. It runs away before you can stop and control it, and thinks of endless possibilities when you don’t need them. It provokes, it angers, it sleeps it entertains. And sometimes, it just laughs at your naiveness or nudges you back to reality. At other times it watches from the sidelines, never giving you a clue about its existence. It watches, but never says a word. Probably thats when..the heart takes over. Or umm did I just describe the heart? Sigh.Give Up..Supriya.


Been Tagged!

ITS A Movie TAG!..Courtesy Shreeja…

1. Name five of your all time favorite movies…..
Persepolis, Amelie, Bawarchi, Psycho, DDLJ..50 first dates..yea i know thats more than 5

2. Name one movie which you recommend as a "must see"
Memento/The Shining

3. The one and only one movie that you’ve seen the most number of times in a movie hall
haha get ready to smirk: Kuch Kuch hota hai (twice)

4. Which movie comes to your mind first, when you think about the funniest movie?
Dil Chahta Hai

5. Which movie made you really emotional?
Masoom (old one, still makes me emotional)…and there was one more recent one..though i cant remember which one!!

6. Which movie series, do you think, was as interesting as the first part in the series?
can’t recall any at the moment..havent seen oceans 11..though have seen 12 and 13

7. Which movie, according to you, didn’t live up to your expectations, after all the hype you’ve heard?
Rock On (do i have to explain?) actually..a lot of other movies.

8. which movie, really surprised you?
the ones I was not expecting to like.

I tag..Prachi, Viking, Mehnaaz, Peru, TroubleBubble..and everyone who likes tags 🙂

Back to Base.

There are some numbers you don’t ever forget. Ever.
With five numbers in a year from every service provider playing the field, I think I’ve literally let a small signifier of my identity stray away. I don’t have to think twice before dialing a few numbers. Can’t be the same for people who want to reach me. Weirdly my sense of permanence is getting lost somewhere while I hunt for the so called accomplishments in life.
You’ll very kindly remind me..that you chose this.
And I won’t argue to that. Just that I don’t belong either ways. What’s worst is that I probably don’t even care enough much about belonging on either side, yet I’d probably be dismayed if I don’t create a sense of belonging for myself.
Don’t read further…cause I really don’t know what I’m writing. Everything seems so calcutta-ish. I’m happy yet confused. Can’t mislead people or myself…but most of my confusions are self created. I only wish the solutions were self created too. Or are they?