Belated Happy Birthday

 On July 24th 2007 my blog turned 2 years old…and I forgot its birthday!! (im thinking of finally giving a gender to my blog…maybe male :P)Damn seems like I’ve been blogging since ages. Maybe its cause i blog frequently…but yeah since im bored right now (actually procrastinating) anyone who visits this place has to tell me why they like my space!
oh what the heck why u dislike it will also do!
Also I’d like to mention few of the most special folks around..who’ve known me during these two years and stuck around! (congratulations you people have officially now known me for a longer time than my last crush lasted)
Nidhi (Icy)
Horus (IC)
Hawky (K’dir)
Peru aka Prerna (ur the one who drops in and out of my life)
I hope I haven’t missed out on anyone..

Strength of a woman.

This is not a forward. This is not exactly from the horse’s mouth. This is out of observation, experience and too much random thinking. This could be out of hatred towards men and women.
We love to interfere.
We love to cry about out problems, but change the topic when probed about it
We like to conceal yet we want to show
Good clothes just make us happy. Its probably the feeling of possessing something thats going to flatter us (with just an initial price attached ofcourse)
I’m sure half the women reading this are already saying- Sooo true.
Maybe some men too!
We can’t be mechanical
Our weight is a concept that leaves us flabbergasted, yet looking thin can make our day
I don’t know why I’m writing this…its raksha bandhan and I’m missing my brother..Haven’t been away from home for rakhi ever.
Love u sweetie. Muwah.

I wish i could write a few things here….
and forget about it all.
Erase its existence.
And bury it all somewhere.
but now.. I cant.
Just cant. 


 Is there any age where you can reach and not have people affecting you? Is it possible? Sometimes I think that there is no such age, or things probably get worse with age. I want to know what it feels like to be oblivious to it all. But then again, I think I’m living in a fools paradise for hoping that. Cause I might want the reverse in that state. Why am I talking like this..Now I’ve even forgotten what I was talking about….
How would it be to have people not affecting you? Would you like it? (yes i know the answer depends..depends..on people you likes dislikes blah blah) Do you actually affect people as much as they affect you?
Sometimes I think my blog will die a slow death..before reaching an old age of even more depressing entries than this one!
What is the one thing you would say to people to get your peace for mind? Or what is the one thing you would say to people to make peace?