Tis that time of the year again.

My insides are overflowing with thoughts and what better time.. 8.51 AM according to my laptop..while its actually PM..than to vent it ALL out. Atleast for the time being.
The TV is now shifted into my room and I absolutely HATE zee tv blaring right behind me…and utter crappy new year special show that too.
I tried downloading windows live messenger TWICE and each time my laptop restarted. What Sign is this!!
Despite all the backup I took, what I really regret losing and I had raised this question earlier to a couple of people as well..is my favourites pages on IE! I mean it was a GEM of a collection..some really cool pages, tech help, photoshop help, some good blogs, some valuable links..so much..All gone. I wish I had a word doc full of the links. Its so unretrievable now 😦 Like a relationship that goes sour.
I hate being forced to eat. I really do. And one can’t blame me, and neither do I want to be like ‘oh i should consider myself lucky’ because its at timeslike this that I really consider myself unlucky.
truly, what has god really thought for me?
The number of assignments on my head at a particular point of time is exactly like the device showing the heart rate.
Ok I know that doesnt make sense but deal with the drift.
The probability of this entry not getting published due to Laptop suddenly deciding to switch off is very very high.
I cant believe I’ve lost all those links.
I should go into regretful mourning.
This year has been quite roller coaster-ish. I dont particularly like a few people by the end of it, I’ve sort of realized my self worth, gained a bit of confidence and some weight by the end of the year…What I really want is to wear some of my favourite clothes again without looking flabby in them…and to get more focussed about my choices in life..but then again, we end up with things we never get to choose.
Just like some people in our life..or some who chicken out or some who persist.

Hate Mail

Dear monstrous, over heated, fucked up, unintelligent, mechanical, technical piece of shit
Why in the world do you not behave yourself?
Especially when I try SO SO SO hard to take care of you!!
You are worse than a stubborn bratty child
and 100 times more irritating than a lousy cheating boyfriend.
What did I do to deserve you?


This is my 6th or 7th attempt to write in two days. Typing this on wordpad, as I’m beginning to think that the Add entry page on this space is jinxed, for some reason.

Yes my laptop is conked, but why does it switch off almost each time I’m typing something on that page??!! The other times I wrote absolutely meaningless stuff, so I let it be.

Seriously if I compiled all of what I wrote and cancelled or which got cancelled I could have a sizeable blog ready.

So how do you beat the monotony in life?

Each prof of ours arrives and in an attempt to seem knowledgeable/interesting/helpful asks us.."So have u read so and so book?"

Obviously in 99.99% cases the answer is no.

I need to buy a set of colour pencils, a sharpner and some nice pens maybe.

When I was learning art, I was good at it. I wish I had pursued further. Sigh. That seems like seven years ago.

Its funny how some words mean something else, but are used in other completely different connotations..

Especially in this city.

Take Jhol: Traditionally means gravy. Used like: jhol mein pad gaya (I’m guessing this could be a marathi-hindi way of saying "in a soup")

There are a few other words, but as usual..in my excitement I’ve forgotten them. I’m unlikely to remember it now…will probably remember while I’m sleeping.

And then I’ll forget it the next morning.

This is what happens each time.


What have you got to lose?

(Spellings Ok mr. Viking?)
Ok the last entry had a major mistake…I meant no one should try to gain weight cause losing it is difficult.
So I wanted to write a nice long entry, but as usual my eyes are drooping, i had phone calls, blah blah
I hate not being able to blog.
Santa give me a mental blogging machine, where I can pen thoughts and they will get automatically transferred to this page!!


Things we should never try to do…
Gain weight
Try to be patient
Try to format a machine on your own
Try to edit a film on a laptop
try to wake up early when your not even asleep
make to do lists that will scare you.
burn cds and dvds when what you need is an external HDD
cry over cribbing habits..
..cause that too..is cribbing.