When I observe certain people and what they go through, I wonder if life is actually so harrowing?
Or are good things so tough to handle?
Yeah, I shouldn’t be saying that. I’m dealing with it. I do masters.
There’s so much of truly absolutely almost BULLSHIT work to be done…I sometimes wonder if this is what I’ll end up doing in life. The possibility of a future seems so utterly weak sometimes..and the one that others envisage for me is not something I’ve envisaged for myself..and vice versa..but what confuses me is the question whether I actually fit in anywhere? my future or their future?

Air mein Sair.

Imagine if this comes to India
these are the interiors:
What would happen if A-380 was being launched in India.
(for the junta)
All the media men, politicians, Aviation minister uncle would be first getting a taste of the lovely airbus. A big media event would have taken place, with every politician walking hand in hand with a film star (a la whats his name Amar Singh). The big industrialists would be there, observing every little detail, probably thinking in their minds.."Hmmm so maybe I should buy one of these next year, for my extended family to travel on our next holiday or "Ahh I should be able to buy one of these before _____ buys it", or "Reliance Airlines, Papa ka sapna, ab aasman mein"
Marketers will go bonkers coming up with innovative ideas to sell the product, to position it, to add value additions. Hmm I’m thinking they would probably open tiny shops inside the plane-discounted prices…Like big bazaar. Shop in the Air. Aadhe daam! 😛
In my opinion, they should definitely have a pani puri wala and jhaal muri wala and wada pav seller on board.
Ok maybe one Italian restaurant also..Incase Its owned by Mr. Mallya (ahh that would require another post covering branding the Kingfisher A-380. Sophisticated Indian Styleaah)
Baskin Robbins or Gelato would probably want to have an outlet inside.
They might decide to have film premieres on board. Think of the possibilities. Wheeee. Fashion Shows. Book readings. On air Concerts.
*Hire me please marketers/media planners..I can help!!*


We begin by saying that Facebook is getting to be an utter waste and randomly irritating website. And for that matter the author of this blog too.
But she’s been trying to keep herself occupied, apart from a lot of wasted things which she has to complete which go by the name assignment.
First Up, Currently Reading:
It happened in India- Kishore Biyani
(the guy makes me feel at home, especially his typically rajasthani household setup)
In line: ATLEAST 3-4 books. including a half left over harry potter, hitchikers series, a fine balance and probably freakonomics.
Second Up or Down:
Saw Bhool Bhulaiya today and I’m impressed by Vidya Balan’s acting. The story has a few serious confusions, mindless shots, some very badly taken ones actually, random songs thrown in for no reason..bad editing…..but Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan make it worth one watch. Some funny characters and a decent build up in the end..the last part is actually the only part worth watching. Whether its horror, or seriousness they just don’t know what they intended to show, but you end up laughing because of the way its shown..
On a serious note, the Indian audience should not be shown stuff like MPD in such a manner. Now you know why their knowledge is skewed and why they make fun of things they dont know much about.
There is an utterly silly bengali song which somehow gets stuck to your recall memory and there you go on singing..Aami je tomaaar.
And diet plans are only plans it seems.

Maybe I need to blog

Moments when you need to blog:
When you’re listening to music fading away mildly in the background, when thoughts defeat the speed of light and sound, when your vision blurs with memories of past, present and the future.
When things go wrong and even when they don’t
When you’re addicted.
When you feel you have to talk to yourself
When you need attention but dont wanna admit it
When you’re randomly bored/wasted
When you can be as crazy as you want to.
When you want to escape reality..
And when reality is annoying you.
When you want to cry
This sounds so like a forward
Argggh my poor blog!


That’s the difference between me and the rest of the world! Happiness isn’t good enough for me! I demand euphoria!

In my opinion, we don’t devote nearly enough scientific research to finding a cure for jerks.

Reality continues to ruin my life.

Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.

I’m not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly useless information