Letters to God#1

Dear God,
Why don’t you just give me the things I want without putting me through acid tests?


What does moving ahead in life mean to you?
Success? Degrees? Challenges? Money? Power? Fame?
I’ve actually never quite given this question too much thought. Maybe just like everything else I care about but keep pushing towards the back of my head. Kinda like those goods you store in a godown, in every corner..and only retrieve when its time to send them to the suppliers.
Really wish I knew what I was talking about. Don’t know where I am, and dont know how to go in the right direction…. The world can force themselves and fool themselves. Benchmark themselves as better than what they are..but I just cant…

The other side of life.

As I reflect back over the last few days, I think I’ve noticed enough contrasts to last me for a while. When I realized that there is a place where I can go and do what I was really expected to do, and not feel like I’m doing it for the heck of it (sad that I didn’t do this earlier)..I grabbed the opportunity.
Spending three hours with the children at Disha Foundation taught me volumes about human behaviour, made me see life as radically different from what me or my kins see it as and for the first time ever made me feel truly satisfied for having helped someone else, or having made a small change in someone else’s life.
(Believe me, all that advice I give some of you people, or all those silly passed on assignments that I help people with…is zilch compared to the satisfaction I felt today)
"I shall sing for you tomorrow" said  8 year old Mintu, who promptly answered all questions meant for her neighbours, solved everybody’s problems and showed maximum eagerness to help…
I only wish I was going tomorrow