Records of the past

Old,antique stuff at my place is finally being cleared out…( Valentino perfumes and soaps more than 20 yr old- kept Very nicely packed…who in the world preserves all this!)

Out of all the junk, i found these old records- the old large black ones. Both english ( simon & garfunkel, disco guitar hits, africa beats or some similar name…) as well as hindi (bobby,mother india, laawaris,raj kapur hits..etc. etc.)

Covered in huge colourful covers they looked SO cool and exciting..pity we cant play them! (no player at home that will play those records.) Grandpa wants to give them to a museum or something. I selected 3-4, just for keepsake. Really don’t know what to do with them…but i know its going in my new room..somewhere!


Any ideas anyone?


The amazing ability to waste time

I don’t know how this happens…Each year..each semester.. each exam..
Yesterday i slept at 9.15 pm hoping to wake up a little early and study. I woke up at 9 a.m
Then i read the sunday paper including the supplements,munching on biscuits as if i had all the time in the world.Then the new India Today mag came with 2 extra supplements- so i read that as well.
Finally sat down to study after a bath..somehow…after a while i saw that the computer’s,again i forgot my books.
Lunch at 12 ish…while eating i saw the new Femina..i read that as well…kept browsing through it until i had wasted an hour.
Ok back to books for a bit…home seemed empty..parents and sis asleep, bro on the comp. Might as well check whats coming on the boom box.
Switch to star movies- "Love Actually" Now i have already seen that movie and it has nothing great to offer,apart from x-mas,mush,mush and more mush. But then i saw Hugh Grant and decided i can watch it for some more time.Thankfully my granparents returned which made me realise i have to get i got back to books.
Another hour on that maybe and i was back to the tv.
Switch to Hallmark channel- "Wedding Daze" every alternate scene reminded me of father of the bride but i still watched it (god knows why!!) till the movie reached  to the part where the father had to dance with his daughters as a part of the  ritual…
studied for 15 minutes exactly and now am back on the net again…arggghhh am leaving@!!! its 5 already!
what a waste.

its only words!

While studying eco, i cant help but remember my eco prof whose pronounciations now make me crack up (though in class the only reactions he got while dictating were -"What??!!, "What did he say?" or "what in the world is he trying to say!!")
"….the FIRM sector" Pardon sir? "FIRM sector" he goes." What sir?" Firm, firm, firm- he goes. Could you just spell it sir? What- you don’t know the spelling of firm???? F-A-R-M.  firm sector! My god what a class, does not know the spelling of firm sector.
Wonly = only
Transpaa-rant =transparent
dripht = drift
firmers = farmers
galleries = calories.
These are some of the few i remember. Wonder what  people sitting at the back row heard.


Few books that were buried in my dad’s cupboard (discovered during clearing up) :
  • How to make your daughter worldly wise (haha..this was really sweet)
  • Readers Digest special- "How to live with life" (great book)
  • Complete illustrated Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Penguin’s guide to child care
  • Getting along better with people