to all you fools, morons, crazy women, donkeys, silly boys and good friends.


Girls- any discussions regarding rebonding and straightening hair..please refer to the post below.
Guys you can join too if u plan to be metrosexual/gay or just plainly helpful 😛
Everytime I’m standing alone (which is generally at the mall), and waiting; I end up observing every single random average person who catches my eye. A few even make me curious enough to imagine what they are like and what course their life must be taking. Now obviously none of it might be true, might be?? it isn’t, but whats life without imagination??!!
Take for example, the good looking forgeiner with an arm fully tattoed. (yes girls he was quite hot) 😀 I thought he’s a German tourist(duno why german), having fun in India…there suddenly seems to be an outpour of firangs..but wtf are they doing in the mall..shouldn’t they be at the temple or Victoria Memorial? Seems like they’ve all become smart enough not to fall for the overpriced sightseeing they were being fed with and have decided to catch a typical bollywood movie complete with item songs and dhishum dhishum… 😛
Then i saw this group who seemed like they have landed directly from a wedding. Glittery clothes, loud, jarring colours, sequins and stars. I assumed that they were visiting the mall for the first time.
 Ok so i started writing this and now I’m bored so to hell with random losers.
Tarot cards are fun! hehe Although it said that my future love life will be kinda miserable. Hmph!
(psst it said nice things about my present one tho..please god delay the future haha)

I cant remember what i did for new years last year..


The most do-able resolutions i could think of..for seems quite cheesy now that i’ve jotted them down…Resolutions never work but this time atleast let me make a list! 😮
I will clean my room once a day…despite having others dirtying it.
I will carry more cash with me when i go out.  Extra cash.
I will read 2 books a month.
I will not eat too many chocolates (ha ha ha ha ha)
I will not fuck up my phone balance.
I will not scream ( haaaaa haaaaaa)
I will be more patient.
I will not panic.
I will not let things affect me. (bullshit)
I will try to remember to brush my teeth at night as well.
I will get my hair coloured/straightened.
I will shop smarter.
I will speak softly..lolol
I will sleep through the above resolutions.


Tips to develop attitude and ego:
Maybe i need help.

Peopleeeeee I am Back!

Yes i never left but i like to announce 😉
Words of wisdom and Non wisdom (if there is any such word)
  • Bitching helps
  • Things dont change, we think they have, we’d like to believe they have, they might be altered but they dont like CHANGE never happens..and if it does then you’re living in an illusion.
  • Bitches exist.
  • When you look back, after you have been too hard on yourself,  if you carefully analyse then you might have made a fool of yourself by doing so.
  • Confidence is nothing but gas. Its how well you gas the gas and how well you can cover your gas with gas.
  • The above statement is not suppossed to make sense and yet make sense.
  • A backache is a bunch of horribly tangled knots which need a massage in the form of an expert pair of scissors.
  • Everybody is not what they appear to be, I am not. Only nobody knows.
  • If miracles on christmas existed then…. I have a bloody long list, please.
  • You can’t help liking certain people and you can’t help hating certain people.
  • Its strange that so many emotions exist!!
  • "…..and i dont want the world to see me, cause i don’t think that they’d understand…" I like quoting songs..


The year is coming to an end, wont say that it flew away. It certainly didn’t…But I’m just in a whatever mood right now. But the blogs are back sweethearts..don’t worry 😉 😛 And they wont stop. Ever.