jUST wheN u ThInk LiFe is a Beautiful drop of icicle
you’re hit by the snowballs!
Don’t understand why they have college exams. What an utter waste of time!!
Somethings in life make you feel so good that you want to strangle them or yourself.
The previous comment was not meant to make sense. So don’t bother.
If I ever decide to rename my blog..which ain’t happening for sometime now…it will be called The FrustyExpress or Life and Times of the eternally jumpy soul from bugsbunnyland or BuggedTimes.
Good Food and Good Guys are related. One is always available and one is rarely available.
I just realised over the last couple of days..that some of my spacer mates would be such good friends in real life that its a pity that I haven’t even met them! (yes yes viking you too, we’ll be irritated buddies)
I wish I had a dessert factory!
And now I shall take your leave since my mother has done what every mother is best at: Don’t you have to study??!!
Wretched college exams. ARGH. this too shall pass. No No No dont get bugged. Relax. Just a few days. you can cheat. sit next to some brain. Make up stories ur not that bad..chill…Enjoy life. Big dealll. So many things to look forward to. Just relax. Its all good. Ok Ok. Calm down. Yeah…


What! Didn’t anybody miss me!!
I’m dangling in life right now..and even though am online often..writing about my thoughts seems like an unnerving experience
(thats cuz when i write/type…i think simultaneously…and that could prove to be fatal)
Anyways one NOT watch salaam e ishq. like at any cost. even if your ticket is sponsored dont go.
Interviews are suchhh an experience lol
More later.

Things i wont do:
1. Crib
2. Crib
3. Crib
4. Think too much
5. Self criticism
6. Jump to conclusions.
7. Be restless
Dear God
I need miracles.

What happened to everyone?

To you?
To me?
To us?
To everyone of us!
and then
….we draw the line?

Why are we all the way we are? Sometimes I’m so freaky in the most normal possible way. I talk shit with the utmost ease.
How!! Everything around me is still the same in the end. Whatever happens, happens for the best -yeah yeah praps i heard that most of the times from you. Its probably the best way to convince yourself. But are we really convinced? And for how long?
Why do we like to live in the fake illusion of being convinced about something, only to realise after a few jarring moments that it was afterall a cover or illusion.
I am not even talking about anything in particular.
But i like talking.
God made me too fuckin vocal.
Its all good…in the words of another someone. Why am i quoting others. Argh.
I think I’ll be fine. Nothing’s a big deal. Nothing.
End up in dumps. So what?
End up here, there. anywhere…….its alright….bigg dealll..
big deal used to be one of my fav phrases. Funny every small thing ends up being big deal for me!
I have secrets..sometimes i wish they’d all come out. Sometimes I wish they would all silently fade away.
But they dont…so we live and learn to deal..learn to love..but why dont we learn to hate? How come it comes naturallly! Lol

Today i finally realised how many departments my college has, and how they all function in their own world! Nobody’s connected..i wonder how they are co-ordinated!! I actually pitied my mad princi for a moment.
They collect so much money from us…that too for a new institute..where we wont even be studying!! In the words of Stephanie from Full House- How Ruuuude!
College is a weird place. How many ppl actually end up loving that place? I used to say my college is alright. Its fine. I quite like it. Now I wouldn’t even be that nice. 3 years too less to be attached? Or just that your eyes open in college and you realise what shit the world is full of?
Damn i’M TIRED. thats why probably typed a lot of shit today..without even thinking..
deal with it.

No I am honestly not all that sad!!!

Yes I know I’ve been giving the impression that I’m depressed and sad and pissed and angry and bugged and irritated..probably disappointed as well… maybe i am a tad bit but not all that badly and yes I have been doing everything in my capability to cheer myself up (for what i duno… its not like my life has ended..infact I’m doing all the things i enjoy doing these days)
And you mister viking have been making me very very jealous cuz all u do is sit and watch movies. I can do that too only i never get around to doing it. Whatever.
So i saw Guru…great bargain at inox for 120 bucks. I rechecked the ticket twice cuz i couldn’t believe a new movie at a multiplex would be anything below 200! And i think i can go for another morning show…its hardly morning 11.15 am show! The shots..Mr. Mani Ratnam and his cinematographer i forgot his name 😦 deserve applause…
Abhishek Bachchan is good. Ok he’s very good! In the 2nd half u might be reminded of amitabh bachchan but i cant blame aby jr. for that…His voice..his dialogue delivery is super..In the first half he’s funny,mischievous,  with yes this is the gurly part- cute smiles and everything… enthusiastic young chap with dreams in his eyes. The confidence of Guru’s character comes out perfectly through abhishek’s body language..
Ash for a change does not weep too much neither does she laugh too much (for she CANT do both!!) she’s just right…
The movie could probably be perfect save a few songs…one song was useless in the end…and the other songs had they not been shot well would be a waste too…But the music goes so well…one can’t really complain…A.R. Rahman is a magician. I’m not being able to find flaws..loved the movie so much!
The last sequence where abhishek speaks non-stop is typical killer stuff which hindi movie buffs thrive on…all the right dialogues for whistles and hoots…good stuff (in the words of Ekta)
Ok maybe I’ll talk more about this movie once the initial Wow factor drives down.
But abhishekkkkk 😀 😀 okok im sure u get the point.