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10,000 hits. yawn
I am at a point when i  have too many things on my mind at the same time a part of me doesn’t know what to say.
I have been trying to watch television.I somehow cannot sit through it. Even the news seems fake to me at drags on, stretches that poor 19 year old author Kaavya Vishwanathan . I mean she is 19!! HELLO! big hue and cry about a chic lit book. There isn’t much difference in the story line in most of those books…they’re meant for pure girly enjoyment purposes..otherwise they’re meaningless. Why bring Manju Kapur and some delhi university big shots to analyse the situation.
The only person on tv who can hold my attention is probably cyrus broacha. lol
And there seems to be something wrong with me, i seem to be losing patience with books, i read a bit and then i get bugged. Maybe Hillary Clinton is boring and i should stop reading her ‘History’ 😛
I’m unlucky with movie shows and timings. arghhhh
Yep M..maybe these are few of the weird things bout me. I don’t know whats weird about me..(they wouldn’t be weird if i knew about them lol they’d be a habit )  maybe u guys can help..atleast those who know me through the blogs..tell me whats weird about me??!!
*please god don’t make me regret this question* LOL
i did make a few weird observations as usual..i observe too much maybe 😛
a) men just avoid scenes. totally.
b) women can get wayy too analytical about clothes.
c) people are just not bothered, especially those who are busy, they just want the work done.
d) smiling too much can make u appear foolish
ok i cant remember any more
another weirdness–horrible memory.
but thats normal right?
Another bad quality i suffer from–i don’t know how to show my good side?!! I wonder if i have one. Its the confused side that shows across soo well. If anyone knows how to overcome that please contact me asap. here..anywhere!!
I know half of you are enjoying my confused ramblings aren’t you?
well if you’re not..stop reading get outtaa here.
you’re still reading?
Ok. NOW i don’t know what to say. lol
Yeah i could talk about my favourite fantasy.
It involves a beach at night, a bon fire, a date (obviously hehe..and if i dont have one then books and music) and rumali roti and black daal 😀
(yeah not much to ask for?) lol ok chocolate mousse too.
Ohhh this is sure weird–im a horrible shopper. yet i like to dress decently..atleast be presentable. I seem to manage that nowadays, though just about No one wants to go shopping with me 😀
Hmmm i guess i’ve rambled enough…spoken rubbish..made an entry…bahhh .and M if u remember any more weird things..leave them on a comment i’ll add ’em lol


One of the rare moments i wrote the title before writing the post. So here goes..something.
That one moment in music, when a song reaches its crescendo..
That one moment of taste when you bite into something scrumptious
That one moment of pleasure when you feel the climax of love
That one moment of joy when you forget your pains
That single fresh moment, when u feel the first drops of rain on your face.
That moment of quiet peace, which comes in flashes.
That moment of sleep, when you are lost in paradise.
That rare moment of glory, when you have a glint in your eye.
That single moment of a second, when you are hit by insult
That moment when the first drop of tear falls on your cheek
That short lived moment of deep desire
That one little small memory, leaving you with mixed feelings.
Those moments…they meant so much, but they move on with every passing  moment..
…and then they begin all over again…

I am not into poetry, I am not even into writing poetry and this is not even poetry just some thoughts out of mere observation or whatever.
PS: results out guesser’s list..



The rabbit & I shall be busy in the following days. Till then think of the simple message i tried to put across above (either im too simple or too confused.) The one’s who guess correctly win a place in the Hall of Great Guessers i might make ;):P

Finally a post that makes confusing sense.

We meet, when one of us is troubled..and we admit it all..

Do we depart when our troubles seem unimportant ?

Over the last month (or more) i have whined a lot, been frustrated (yeah yeah this is my favourite word probably), been touchy, angry, overwhelmed, been adored,been respected, shared my troubles, have tried to share them atleast, heard a lot of troubles (esp those involving girls 😛 )

What makes us talk to a complete stranger so easily? What makes us trust them, especially in the virtual world? In the real world I admit i might not trust people easily, it takes time in my case. Yes I’d be friendly, helpful and everything..but trusting someone is not easy.. I can’t trust them with everything I say, sometimes I wonder what people might make of it, and how they might take things i tell them, or they could use it against me or spread it around..and then i wonder, Why would someone do that?

Yes these are all silly thoughts..But how do you judge a person?

I have a tendency (good or bad) of looking at a person’s positive side. Sometimes I’m made to realise that its foolish to so-by overlooking certain negative aspects….Yes it does makes me more accepting, but does that make me an easy prey?

But on the whole its mostly the intution, the vibes that I share with a person that matter to me. I can talk to just about anyone, but I’ve become choosy when it comes to people. Ok maybe not choosy, but yes I do see myself expecting people to adapt to my moods, that’s cause I’ve done the same many a times. But that doesn’t happen, and I’m branded as someone I never intend to be. Its just an observation (thats also my fav. line some of u know tht :P) and No i haven’t fought with anyone.

Believe me, this post is confusing me more than it’s probably confusing you now..But as much as this space has become a public place, its still my own little zone for venting my feelings out. I’m no longer stranger to a lot of you and its comforting to know that a few of you can be so patient 🙂

On a lighter note..

Today I felt like a baby, taking her first few steps. first few wobbly steps..unbalanced, asking for help, staring around in nervous confusion, smiling at my own abilities, blushing at my lack of it…taking small little steps..holding the side bars, almost slipping here and there a few times, the loud screams (oh mumaaa! ahh ahh ehhh ) saved from a major fall..

Yes i went for ice skating for the first time.

And it was quite irritating to see my little cousin waltz around, act like a cool dude with one leg up and still skating, while i somehow managed not to fall! And then my sister, kept falling, almost made me fall a couple of times..tried to dance once holding the side bar..didn’t succeed there too! But I plan to go again and have a go at it again.

Go karting was fun too, I’m surprised why I no longer have enthusiasm for stuff like bowling, karting etc. Remember the days when these were the happening attractions in town, we’d all jump up in excitement..Fun ways to unwind, we seem to be so busy with what occupies our mind uppermost that we forget about these attractions life has to offer–big and small.