I just dont wanna miss u tonighttt—-goooo goooo dolls

Dunoo why my window gets hung each time..this is the third time am opening my space..Mister viking here’s ur challenge..why does my IE hang so frequently on the laptop?? Its hardly got anything on it!!
So here I am…back but not back fully…Its weird for once i was sooo busy that i didnt have time to vent my frustrations here..and even when i did.. i didnt have the energy to type it in details…
Is it the orkut effect? Or is it that orkuts and facebooks are depriving me/making me lazy/sucking away my enthusiasm for writing??
Goddd help me nooooo i dont want that!!
I still love my blog 🙂
So the horrible parts about my life are:
  1. i Havent seen a movie in ages it seems. Vague memories of sad sad salaam e ishq. *shudder*
  2. I missed The Holiday. DAMN and probably black friday too :((((((
  3. I have too many to do’s where the fuck is my initiative.
  4. I have 3 books… unread ones lying around and WORSE i will miss something i have religiously done..visit the Kolkata Book Fair.
  5. God ur changing me. I dont like this. What happened to the old me?? 😦
  6. Oh I’m going out of town all u lovely ppl. yayyyyy 🙂
  7. Yo. One smiley and so many sad smileys
  8. Abhishek Bachchan looks SUPER hot in this new moto print ad i saw today.
  9. WHO asked him to get married!!
  10. I have become a lapotatoe. Yes a laptop potato!! :S

I wish I were less jumpy..So many things on my mind and head..but my spirits with me..so I like it. Even my gloom spirit comes with such force that errm I feel proud of myself lol

If James Blunt had a little more umm manly voice and a slightly more mature face he would be better. lol

but i love the ‘your beautiful’ video.

Its crazy once you’re used to the laptop u feel that the PC is so primitive!

I feel like having sugarcane juice right now..

and am kinda sleepy..so wish me luck and all that. Gonna have some fun…



So busy fuck
i hate being busy. i want a new pair of jeans and i have no time for shopping!! argh!
No i am not comparing them…i just repeated what i heard frm my cuzins in umreeka. thanks for the link btw its funnnnnny 🙂
and i still wanna kno how french, scandinavians and greeks study..kkk fine maybe i was comparing..but i do kno we’re better anyday!!
@ viking
ur anger management ways will not work. one should just take naps. they prevent everything!
@ antiquity
i posted a long reply and blogger played spoiltsport.
@ vijay
yes i do copy..who the fuck doesnt copy or cheat!! especially for exams when ur not prepared.
@ others
i am fine. argh.
acid and the rest…i do not have time for thappads abhi..


Well I do have so much to write about…Especially why our country is still stuck in some places. This could have been a true -blue- rang de basanti- what -is -wrong- with- this- system -styled -confused- angry -questioning- analysing -narrative entry..
*take a deeep breath*
Anger Management. My new Passion. Senseless passion. But I will refrain from lashing out my anger (Ok Ok fine I have already done that and now typing it out again ….might just make me exaggerate :P)
a) the education system in this country is bad.
b) it is very bad.
c) it is horrible.
Then why is it that geeks from here become multimillionaires there. Worse every top company has an Indian at a high position.
Brilliant Now I seem to be debating with myself.
No but seriously, everything from government schools to top shot institutes have lost their heads.
Do we Indians need to be smart with studies or smart with extra curriculars?
Americans are dumb with studies, but they are encouraged to be good at Social Communication/Marketing blah.
Does that work?
Do we need to be like that? How do the French study?
fUck i just bit my lip. argh.
Does it matter where u study? Do studies matter?
No No am perfectly alright ppl dont worry…Not having mood swings..or tempers or frustrations..okok bit of frustrations..thats allowed right? 😀


Check this out…
Turn on your speakers..after a really long time..something i enjoyed..so much that i watched it again and again! Great concept, hits bang on…and cool music! Apparently called viral marketing…They should have more of these!
So I’ve been busy…So many things keeping me occupied..ok not so many but the few that are there are a handful…
I would be lying if I’d say that I haven’t changed and its been more than a yr since I’ve been blogging..since mid 2005. Eeks i sound like I’m writing a farewell entry. (Too affected by nikhil’s I-am-back-to-blogging entry..lol)
Quite a lot of things I’m looking forward to..quite a lot of things I have to do..Its like last year was some lull…of frustration and confusion..which hasn’t completed faded away (it never can)..I’m sure there’s going to be depression somewhere after a while..maybe in a few months or maybe by the year end or maybe it might drop in like a bomb sometime anyday (you can’t be totally happy and totally lucky)…so not that I’m looking forward to that but i sure do keep that in mind. Depression is a highly romantic phase. Nobody said romance has to be nice. You can go down to depths of sorrow and actually manage to stay there..make it even worse and blah blah 😀
We all carry somethings in our heart, we all …WHY am i talking like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok supriya you don’t have to get so nostalgic and preachy about nothing!!
But this is your blog? You can be anything you want to here, can’t you?
Hmmm true, but preachy and you, why can’t you like shut up sometimes and listen?? you’re preachy-you talk so much, don’t let anyone else talk. Overbearing woman.
Yes but thats how I am!! I can’t seem to be able to shut up. I know I should think and talk, I must talk smart, apparently silent people are considered the smartest! But me me me me..I can’t shut up. Its such a disease!
See, even something that can be summed up in one line takes an entire paragrapgh for you to explain!
Ok fine. I said I’ll try to listen. And try to shut up.TRY.  But if I can’t…I will talk. Hmphhh