Happy Diwali people..Have a blast!

letter to the author!

Dear CB

Hi! To begin with- i had a GREAT time at the session (even though we had to wait…but then glad that you could make it inspite of the delays)

I gotta add..i didn’t know much about call centers-now i know quite a lot- from the book & from your talk..

I was eagerly awaiting"One Night @ the call center" (ON@TCC) mainly coz i had a blast while reading fps and i’ve lost count of how many times i have re-read the book and how many people i lent it to (which reminds me, my friend is yet to return my precious copy).

The issues that you dealt with, during the launch (the ones in the book) -today’s youth can totally relate to it …the entire confsuion about career,making money- choosing between a good paying job or one offering satisfaction, but lesser pay….breakups (haha you were right, everyone likes a good love story, but a breakup-story is even more enjoyable..as long as we’re not a part of the break up..haha)..Boss bashing and america bashing is SO much fun-( few parts in the book where i was mentally cheering the character- kinda like- yeah go for it!! lol)…and the killer lines (they’re not silly- they’re hilarious…few parts in the book where i laughed out so loud i got those "she’s lost it" looks from my mom & sis !)- the one liners rule..as always (they were great in fps too)

Though there are certain parts in the book which could have been better maybe..the ending part- why did you make it filmy…??!! military uncle’s character as i pointed out..oh and i wonder whether americans are that dumb- to fall for the software trick?( but then as you and others at crossword pointed out..only the dumb one’s call..so i guess they might fall for it too! )

I loved the "past dates.." chapters and my favourite portion is when they all tackle their Boss (that was AWESOME!)

I have to say- apart from the main characters you managed to create hilarious characters in the form of-Ganesh,Bakshi & Priyanka’s mom ( guys read the book you’ll know how funny these people are..)

Also the book is quite from the male point of view- i don’t know how you’ll manage to write a book from the female point of view , as u said you want to..(thats gonna be a toughie) At times i felt during the book that the female characters are slightly typecast..But overall it was a great read..i wasn’t disappointed at all ..and whats more got to meet you in person..the session was good fun (though some of those typical journalist- type questions were quite funny if you ask me..lol)

Eagerly awaiting your next book(already) ..oh & the fps film too..


Go and read the book people- as it is i’ve revealed a bit ūüėČ might as well finish it and find out what its all about!

And another one..

Good morning, have a prosperous day!
Oh no he’s messaged again, he’s some Raj. I don’t know how he got my number, he thinks he’s speaking to some Mohit. He sent 8 messages last night. We deleted them though, again he’s started off..early morning..just reply or call him & tell him not to disturb!
I’m sorry you have the wrong number, this is not Mohit. Please don’t disturb.
But i got a call from this number. I know you
I’m sorry you are mistaken. You have the wrong number. Please don’t irritate us.
Ok i dunno if this is dipa’s number or not….if not then please let me know..
No this is not dipa. Please don’t disturb us.
Ok sorry about that, then would you like to make friendship, anyways?
Oh god..i think you should speak to him…call
He cancelled the call..so dumb!
I know you want to speak to me..I would like to speak to you too…but call up after 10 minutes ok??
Yeah right like we’re his servants..call up when he wants to..enough is enough..i’m messaging him now..quite sure he won’t bug us after this one,
Listen, i’m not interested in any friendship or talking to you for that matter. I have 3 children, I’m probably your mom’s age so stop disturbing me- got it?
Oh ok forget it. I’m so sorry..to disturb you.really sorry.
This¬†happened on my aunt’s cell..¬†while we were stuck in the traffic..on the way to the airport!

Oh and I’m soo Happy…you would be too if u met one of your favourite authors!!- gonna blog bout it soon!

Long due..

Stuck amongst the cars and two wheelers- we prayed, hoping to reach on time. Damn the traffic- we should have left earlier.
Juggling my 2 bags & a suitcase, i reached just in time. Window seat ma’m? Sure, I said.
Small talk with acquaintances:
Oh hi- how come you’re in bangalore? I’m on vacation, have cousins here. What about you?
Partly work,partly vacation..
oh ok..
you have quite a lot of luggage huh?
*i can see that too, i’m not blind like duh*¬†-thats what went thru the mind
Reality- (sheepish grin)- yeah i guess..
Finally, in the flight…
Seat next to mine: empty (not bad i get to keep my bag on it)
Next seat, comes Wierdo (name will be revealed later)
Now Wierdo was a 25 yr old African( thats what he told me). He kept his bag on the empty seat (where the hell am i sup2 keep my bag now..shit)
Are we taking off now?- he asks
Yes we are.( oh god..why can’t he wait for the english announcement..fool)
Are you from bangalore?
Are you from Kolkata, is the flight going to Kolkata ?(like duh yes! where am i stuck)
Are you a student?
Are you a student in bangalore?
No, i am from kolkata, i was on vacation in bangalore.( mentally adding- don’t bug me PLEASE)
What is your name?
Myself Prince su-something
Again¬†Wierdo started asking some silly question in his wierd accent…i cut him short asking him for his book lying idle:
Is that yours- the linda goodman- codes of the universe? can i read it?
Sure ok. (thank god…that should give him the clue that i wanna read & not chit chatter)
Did you read it?
What is your sun sign?
Aries, whats yours?
Leo .Oh, aries women are very pretty (what the *uck, im Not interested uhhhhhh)
Uhhh My father’s a leo too (hahaha..buzz off pleaseeee)
Ohhh good..When is your birthday?
23rd March
Did you see your number, you’re number 5 (like duh i’m not that dumb, i browsed through the freaking book)
Kolkata has missionaries of charity right?
Enough- i turned my face & took a brief nap. this fool just isn’t shutting up.
Are we landing now?
landing landing
yeah. we are.
Do you have mobile? (in the most wierd accent)
What? huh..
Can i have your number? (ohhh man i didn’t see this comingg@)
I’m sorry i don’t just give my number to Strangers i meet on the plane!
But why? I’m a forgeiner? (dude…so what..gives u an edge over indian guys or wat!!)
I’m sorry. I;m not interested.
Later…while stepping out of the flight
So what is the population of kolkata?
I don’t know..damnnnnn
So finally we are at your hometown, while taking the trolley (mommmaa where are you…)
I took a trolley & walked off in the opposite direction. (good lord)

Waiting to be back.

yeah well..am back to cal, hope to be back to the blogging scene soon!! GOD i was dying to type something decent out…
Bangalore 7,8,9 is well a thing of the past now..there’s soo many things i wanna blog about!
Problem is that i’ve moved homes & there’s no bloody internet at new home right now! to top it all Its pouring like hell..so here i am sitting at dad’s office while he’s browsing through some papers & sneaking glances at me..lol
Its kinda wierd adjusting in the new home i mean there are certain things which am not used to:
My rooms too dark..i can’t even see the clock in the morning (inspite of the super bright colors-thanks to the family-everyone wanted their opinion to be implemented!) and & my bathroom light keeps going off..some fuse problem!
I don’t know half the knobs,switches ..too irritating ( well i had a tough time while taking a bath- the entire hot/cold water confusion)lol
Its kinda wierd to eat at the dining table, at old home i got my way out and ate most of the meals in the room.
I love this area..its close to EVERYTHING i could probably ask for- a mall,multiplex,crossword,restaurants,takeaways…cousins..everyone@! Its right IN the city!
My home’s bigger..thank god.. =) atleast we all won’t get on each others nerves now
my grandmom though is at her screaming best :/ (thats why thank god for the bigger home)
Lots of blogs due though…of incidents & people!