A 8:45 S

So many new things, certainly don’t have time to breathe. Really.

And breathing too hard can be fartfully hazardous in the train, sometimes.

July 19th 2009

The day of so many events. Hard to forget.

National Library

Back when I was in school, I had this favourite essay answer which I have somehow tweaked and written about more than once. It had something about me waking up one fine day in the future (personal robots, calorie counter on breakfast table, flying cars and the likes). Managed to score decent marks the first time I wrote about it..and since then I have reproduced it – tweaked versions ofcourse, never for the same teacher (even in hindi heee). Not that the future I would spin thoughts about is here. In class 7 or 8, I once wrote about an adventure, nothing fancy..an adventure involving me, barely in my teens, trying to drive my dad’s yellow Matiz, without any prior driving experience. English teacher seemed to have liked the adventure for sure.

So yesterday, when darling bro came up to me and asked me for an essay idea for an ‘interesting deam’ I could almost remember bits and pieces of my own school essays. But then, you don’t expect a ten year old idea to be convincing now, do you? So i told him about what I used to write and I gave him a few random ideas that I could think of (he didn’t like any, initially). To my horror I saw him opening a web browser and that was it! for me. You’re not going to Google essays are you? There’s no way I’m letting you copy paste, I told him. I’m not copy pasting – just looking for ideas, or maybe reading some other ‘interesting dreams’. Right, I’m sorry but the internet is not going to make you smarter like that, or imaginative for that matter..I argued. Just inspiration – he said. Nothing doing, use your own brains..we’ll think of ideas together..but no Google is going to inspire my brother where he is suppossed to use his brains (that is when I started thinking..when will they think for themselves if they look at google/the web for every damn thing..and I was already mentally listing out disadvantages of google). So we sat and brainstormed for a while, he showed me his last two essays and I was quite impressed, I mean I never expected him to write so honestly, with bits of suspense and even some amount of preachiness (enough excuse to tease him)..and yeah they did reflect the fact that he has been reading, which I was very happy about..atleast he hasn’t relied on the web! 

Thinking of such things..I blurted – Why don’t you write about how life would be if there were no internet for a whole year. That’s interesting enough. Idea struck him..he started writing. I had the priviledge to read every paragraph, as he eagerly came up and made me read everything he’d thought of. Ofcourse he still can’t imagine living without the internet for an entire year (maybe even I can’t, or can I?)..so he narrowed it down to three days or so. I’m yet to read the finished piece, its reached his teacher already..but I sure am looking forward to reading it.

Actually..come to think of it, life might be quite cool without the internet. Or no?