gOODBYE 2005

Inspired by Vidya..i’m having my own walk down 2005…though in a different way ofcourse! 🙂

Wedding in the family, a reunion of sorts, everyone from the age of 1-80+ present..memorable event..met my adorable cousins 🙂






Girls evening out on valentine’s day (lol more like dateless..with a guy friend acting driver,date,guardian whatever)





Happy Birthday to me! I decided to treat everybody throughout the day, rains played a bit of spoilt sport and by the time i went for dinner with family i was exhausted and dead tired. (learn from my mistake- dont treat everyone)




Errr what happened in April???




Dark Months begin


Time for hoo. torture, troubles,mugging, cramming, copying, practicals, torture again..practical retest..i passed. phew




Shattered dreams. Face to face with the Real world…ad horrible truths..confrontations..Mess



An extension of June


ps: I start Blogging!




2nd year College begins..



Freshers party and its aftermath- we shook the entire college up..tee he hee

Shifting..we move homes


October /November

Exams again. our college has no work. Bangalore trip 🙂

trip to God’s Village.


Beginning of troubled times.



I found new friends on spaces, guys rock 🙂




Probably the worse month all year..or maybe i’ve forgotten the dark months..




I know you have a lot in store for me..I just hope i have the courage to face everything..

 as much as it sounds moves on right?




cuz as the picture says- Life is the greatest journey we can ever be on.


Goodbye 2005

Damn i wanted to put shots clicked by myself..but time’s not on my side..and nor is the mental


Happy New Year all you spacers.

You all have been Truly Great!




Sizzling hot

Its not everyday that you cook (i don’t) and its not everyday that whatever you cook turns out Correct 😀 and Yummy 😀 (unless u count the tiniest mistakes grannies point out).And its not everyday that you photograph your culinary creations 🙂 Me made sizzler yesterday and it turned out absolutely heavenly ( ok obviously i took, sis, servant and grandma giving her wise advice even though she probably detests sizzlers and refused to touch it..apparently it would burn her tongue..she did later on taste the boiled veggies from the putting the food on the sizzler plate would change the taste.)

I hope u ppl can make out what all i’ve put 😛 raided my mom’s recipe books..Corn garlic rice (impromtu recipe-lack of ingredients) the green is broccoli sauce with paneer patties and boiled vegetables. Ahh we should cook more often..only then we’ll get better at it..though standing in the kitchen is honestly a pain. All credit to moms, housewives (grannies..) who toil hard everyday in that dreaded zone.


Ideas and all that jazz

There are certain moments when you look into the blank screen and wonder how you can fill it up..what you could write you would fill up the page with words. But that doesn’t happen all the time…so this one’s probably my blank blog..a blog about nothing call it whatever you want to…

I had several ideas about my next entry…but none seem to have materialised (keep reading maybe something Will materialise eventually..:P) lol

Talking to few of my friends, there were several opinions- each entry doesn’t have to be Great…its your space- write what you feel (exactly what i am doin)…if you start bothering about the comments- then you’re not writing for yourself….people expecting a great entry each time..n then living upto it….blah blah..

Last week i wrote about trains (somehow that entry satisfied me a lot..there are times im not satisfied with what i write, i just write or ramble..but thats normal..i mean i can’t help but write..if u want a great piece each time then go read a

This time i wanted to write about my old friend’s group..the school group- the nostalgia and all that..pranks…then and now stories..what they were, where they are now..but then maybe im not really feeling all the nostalgia since im with them every alternate day now..holidays etc. Also im certainly gonna put up certain stuff from my old slam books (the ones they filled up in class III, IV,V,X damn i read it out to them and we died laughingg..My childhood friend who cannot read books at all ( probably has Erich Segal’s Only Love on her shelf for the past one year) , writing in my class IV slambook that her fav author is Roald Dahl-lol everybody was into fits of laughter the day i read this out..

Also would have liked to blog about my Dad’s Uncle who loves to be the center of attention (his silly speeches which he gives for religious/community "samajik" gatherings..are sometimes shown on local channels..and he loves talking about which local channel is covering it and at what time..even the hindi newspapers- he makes sure that he is present somewhere in front of the camera for such occassions..*rolling eyes* like we actually would like to hear/see his boring speeches..bragger…and like we care a shit..) And today he kept talking about the malls in gurgaon pronouncing them as ‘maaaals’ lolol

Adventures of my brand new camera could be a nice story

alright i say i have run out of ideas but i have not..this blog might be helpful for future

Merry X-mas. Am finally happy.

I guess i haven’t been in a good mood while i’m blogging..but im certainly in a great mood while am Meryy Christmas to all you spacers…
Check out my random clicks…all of them have been taken at home..was just experimenting, trying all those modes- twilight mode/candle light/ landscape blah blah…not too great..but no big deal.
btw who ever is this ‘Provide some comic relief’ person – better leave ur URL or just dont leave any comments at all…if u have a problem with what i feel n what i’m doing u could leave your address and i’ll get back to you if i want to.
PS: m close to 5000 hits..:)
Santa links
Some of the BEST christmas photographs i came on view slideshow:

Mary,Marry, Merry.

Few questions, statements, thoughts…
Why is everyone writing letters to Santa?
I have no plans for x-mas eve. mostly I i wont have any or might be staring at the same thing you are currently staring at.
Some people have lost it.
My recent shopping experience was what one can call ‘crackling’. Sadly it was not for myself.
I have realised that (shit i promised myself i wouldn’t start a sentence with that phrase..) you have to be a friend to have one..(naah i have too many) but you have to genuinely show some interest instead of being a selfish- self centered-unaffectionate creature.
I used to love christmas trees. Felt like lifting one of those santa hats the mannequins where wearing at shoppers stop.
Sometimes life’s not fair…its just not fair and some of us have to suffer because of power play.
My brand new camera is probably cursed. (kisne nazar lagaya!!!!)
I would love to have a wish list, but can’t think of anything to make up a list.
I am not depressed. Infact i was in a better mood before i wrote this (ok is my own blog depressing me!! whats happening)
im probably onna be off booze for a long long time..(thanks to horrible examples outside spaces)
Ohh and all u spacers…have a blast- enjoy the Festive season..have plum cake, chocolate cake..cookies..turkeys whatever..booze, get sloshed but dont puke…and if u dont booze then cheers anyways i respect u ppl ur high on life. Its christmas and do try to bring a smile on somebody else’s face for once (tis the season to bring smiles n not get sloshed)
ohh and if you’re spending lots of money to go to some High end sophisticated black tie party, dont go instead donate the money.
Merry x-mas. 
PS: if you’re wondering what the title is all goes back to class 8 or 9 english class when a friend and i were arguing about the english language and its pronounciations.