No Icy, you cant loose me to pune.
Its good but..not so good that I forget the world ( like u require loooove for that haha)
My life..the theme park
Pirate’s ship-toss and turn in the morning
Lazy River Ride- brush, take a bath
Roller Coaster-Try to eat and dash to college on time
Merry Go Round- during the day
Giant wheel- the state of my stomach in the evening
Tumble tosser: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz



Pune mumbles tumbles dumbles

So here I am, listening to bollywood music at the cyber cafe …at the risk of losing all my writing capabilities thanks to-
  •  Airtel who are delaying my internet connection due to the number of documents they want.
  • College  WI-FI whose speed is as moody as my sisters mood.
  • Collge again, for hardly providing any free time to us, to actually go online!

And there I am, doing what I do best..cribbing.

Sigh, I should have gotten my Oscar by now.

So the city is a nice mix of branded and bollywood, sweet food and gastronomic disasters, arrogant ‘rick’ drivers, developing roads and even mroe developing real estate (at a great rate, that). Its young, vibrant..bikes and scooty’s….tiny shops mix of south indian and marathi and more people know hindi than english..(yeah well duh!..still getting used to not hearing bengali)

College is a nice place. They keep us for a good 8-9 hours everyday. They do love us? Dont they!

Which is precisely why I have to end here, cause friday tests require preparation.(Some preparation)

Will get back to all your blogs soooooon.