Frsutrated Nothings and Somethings about everything.

Guys are highly contradictory.
Love the phrase–You’ve lost weight 😀
Someday i will color my hair purple or brown..chocolate brown.
People like attention..but they dont want to show it.
Frustration stems out of things not happening your way. Does that mean control freaks are the most frustrated?
Does quest for power arise out of insecurity? Mister Citizen Kane were you like that?
Everybody likes to talk. Not many like to listen. And those who like to listen deserve Oscar awards.
I’m dying to watch a movie. Any movie.
Ok one should never visit the Indian style toilet wearing jeans.
I love rains at night.
I feel like having french fries and onion pakodas right now.
Compliments are a matter of suspicion.
If i could fly away somewhere I would go to Darjeeling now. I dont know why.
Guys are soo confused.. (and i thought i was bad) 😛

Happpy budaaaayyyyy 12165 till last count.

This one deserves an entry!
Today is my Blog’s Budaaayy!!
hAPPY bIRTHDAAAYY tooo ewwwwwwwwwwwyouuuuuuu
Today I complete one yr of blogging cool huh!
My first entry was about the harry potter book i read last yr..Snape kills
Feel all great to know that i’ve been blogging since a year while soo many ppl are joining the bandwagon now ("as everyone’s into it" or its the "in thing"..wat a sad reason to blog jeez)
Thank you to all the people on my StopOvers list..they been really sweet to Sar-cas-tic first and Now to Bittersweet.
Also thanks to everyone else not on the list. You’ve tolerated a headache quite a bit 😀
and all those waiitng for your challenges Please wait (ap katar mein hain :P)
I will personally respond to each once am done with books and studies.


Firstly That ad is the new HAPPY DENT ad..its brilliant its brilliant. even i have seen it just once.

Aksha’s tag..

If you comment on this post (saying anything at all):
1. I’ll respond with something random about you
2. I’ll challenge you to try something
3. I’ll pick a color that i associate with you
4. I’ll tell you something i like about you
5. I’ll tell you my first/clearest memory of you
6. I’ll tell you what animal you remind me of
7. I’ll ask you something i’ve always wanted to ask you
8. If i do this for you, you must post this on yours

Now for what i do when i doodle too much…


….And the city lights up

To the merriment, to activities

To work, to pleasure..

To ambitions, to crossroads

Riding on an endless journey..

Searching for the unknown light.

It sails through the showers,

It rockets through the clutters,

Trailing the quests, surrounded by endless flutters.


The city lights up-

As the darkness rises

When the sun comes down, and the birds flock around.

And the clock ticks away..

…as life prepares to end the day.

A silent glance towards the silver stars..

Brings a solitary moment of hope and calm.

Till the restless heart gallops away..

Into the world of betrayal, love and pain.

….Then the city lights up, once again

As life prepares to begin a brand new day.

Ok i best go and study or i’ll lose my head! Damn english does this to me..even though its rubbish 50 marks paper!


Breaks Breaks and more Breaks.

Unsuccesful attempts at studies brings me back to Spaces.. I don’t understand how I can watch DDLJ any number of times. I think all those love- story tyically candy floss movies made later were copies of this movie. Probably one or two of the only movies where SRK is tolerable..I cant stand him anymore especially THAT one pose of his when he stands with his hands stretched wide, head up, crooning a song (its funny u can actually insert any song when he’s doing’ll match perfectly haha)
Two ads that i noticed off late..left me totally impressed..
I wont name the first one, cause revealing the name would probably spoil the surprise. I just have one word to describe this ad. ..BRILLIANT! It takes us back to another period, an old haveli and lots and lots of men..more like slaves who are stuck in unusual positions..and then the grand finale…super
Another brilliant ad which is everywhere these days is the World Space ad..with A.R.Rahman lending his tunes..also the lines provided to him are very apt-there is so much to hear. The last time A.R.Rahman gave a tune for airtel..was equally good…created waves..As a brand ambassador he is perfect for World Space-there’s a kind of honesty in him which reflects..just like it does in his music..Here’s the tune ..
Alright back to books now.