Untitled Sounds.

So someone very rightly said.."Write longer" (or was it write some more?) and I said to myself..Why not?
Since I’m slightly jobless around here on top of a hill where beautiful view surrounds all those who are interested, and beautiful LAN either depresses or impresses.
Depresses cause it keeps blocking all my blogs..under the category called Personal Storage. No don’t worry I’m still loyal to this place when it comes to crying my heart out. Yes and I guess that’s all I can do. Cause I can’t seem to shed tears anyways.
How do people cry like crocodiles flooding the lake anyways?
So..in the recent past I’ve been asked to grow up. As a normal child, I had associated ‘Growing Up’ with the following:

  • Taking your own decisions
  • Being slightly independent (if not completely..ok fine. completely)
  • Behaving in a mature manner (whatever that means)
  • Uh..ok I’ve run out of bullet points

So maybe I haven’t really grown up. But in a world that seems to revolve in an opposite direction around here growing up seems to be associated with multiple relationships disguised under the garb of terms like experiencing life or being friends with people because you won’t have to worry about going out, hanging out, chilling out, dining out, assignmenting out..the last is most amusing.
I should get over this syndrome right? There are all sorts of people yeah? It’s not all like that..Yeah?
I think I’ll just go back to watching ‘The Graduate’. Sounds of Silence.


Supriya was here.

The title means nothing.
Its just a reminder to myself that I have a data card which I should use to access my Space atleast.

Stupid server.