Lately my poor blog has witnessed the birth of my whine’s little baby.
Whiny Junior.
Maybe I should put junior to sleep for some days. Maybe he really needs to be rested and nourished and taken care of, for future purposes ofcourse.
So lets talk tequilla shots..
For the first time i didn’t sleep all night and watched the night turn¬†into dawn.
Ofcourse now I’m dizzy and sleepy.
I’m feeeling teeny weeny bit sentimental..about my things..my room…my friends..going away.
Maybe its lack of sleep.
There’s a stirring in the heart..
What awaits me..is an impending start..
Stop smiling you fart
I have fears, jitters and tears to deal with.

its the time to khisko :P

lol i couldn’t help cracking that PJ
So today we begin with the moral of the story which says People change and turn into Hypocrites. (but were they hypocrites in the first place, so in that case YOU change and you realise other people were always the same hypocrites only you couldn’t fucking see it)
Its nice to meet people that have left your life, as in lost importance and then they stick around for what you have shared (no i am not talking bout some ex boyfriend ), they exist but distanced from you, yet on talking terms off and on…and when you meet, you cant help observing the changes,and being disgusted by it or disagreeing to it,¬†you can’t help relating to the old habits, you can’t help enjoying the same¬†familiarity¬†in the characteristics..
Its  such a funny situation.
Somethings amiss, somethings same.

My rhymes dont rhyme HA!

As the winds of change blow,
I lie against the bed post
Looking at the leaves sway
Legs stretched, rewinding days
Memories float, lists to note..
Savouring the flavors..
Humming no tune,
The buzz remains, out in the blue.
Cacophony in the distance, peace inside.
No feelings, just thoughts-
Words, giggles and hotch potch.
People and places, habits and home..
Cant end this verse, no end to meaning..
no end to words.


There’s something about the past, even if it isn’t a treasured memory that has a massive impact on us. We just end up looking back, wondering, going over it, recalling,¬†telling ourselves maybe we could have said that/this..or this/that should have been done etc.
We don’t really end up¬†attaching the¬†same importance to the future. Ofcourse we plan, or contemplate, discuss, decide..but the same¬†degree¬†of¬†impact¬†is never there for the future. Or atleast to me it appears to be that way (yea my sense of future is more like: Don’t think, so maybe that’s why) ūüėõ

The effect (non effects) of a tequilla shot.

This is not about why a bad day brings me back to blogging.
Its not even about why everyone is getting on my nerves.
Its not even about the tiny zits appearing randomly on my face.
Just the monstrosity (i cannot believe i am using such words) of every unending activity around me, every extra morsel of food being stuffed into my mouth, yet anoher compromise, or promise yet another adjustment..why is it all getting to my nerves.
Life puts us in places we might not choose to be in, but why does life not provide any solution. All they say is have patience. Thats not a solution. Thats just a way to pass time to move into another confusion.
Ok that rhymes. Somebody would be proud.
Are we all merely wasting time? And they say time is the healer. We’re either waiting for some time, or passing time or dividing time. Time is such a crappy concept its not even funny.