Explaining the entry below..Not quite.

Ahh well the reason why i wrote that wasn’t even reason enough to seem that dramatic.
its all good now..Almost.
And no unfortunately its not about a guy 😛
and ekta ahem ahem ahem ahem ahema AHEM.

When its all over
Nothing matters.

WHY am i wasting time!!

This is what i wanted to do before my 21st birthday..i wrote this before my 20th birthday and 21st is long gone. 22nd is like 4 months away (omg 22!!) So lets have a status check:

  • do bungee jumping..i dont even mind jumping from my window, its too low though. —-not done yet 😦
  • shop lift, i’ve never done that..i soo want to do it now! —not done either. dont wanna shop lift anymore.
  • stay out all night..come back home in the morning —stayed up all night, thats the closest 😦
  • satisfy myself, work wise..(when i work that is) —sorta happened, not regular professional work, but close.
  • my spa dream is still due 😦 —-sorta again, separately in separate places, not a full fledged proper spa.
  • go to a beach (i dont remember when i last went to a beach) waaahh i need abreak —went went went..to Puri.
  • stop having milk twice a day. hmph. (yeah M laugh..atleast am providing entertainment)—probably did. Yes i did. In Pune for a bit..but its back to basics now.

    So I’ve already wasted half the year, without making any specific wish…should I make them targetting my 22nd birthday…hmmm maybe I can make some..random ones…

    So here goes…

    • ahh my favourite–loose weight..dont ask how many kilos.the more the better i guess (targetless as always sigh)
    • not get over tempted while shopping. i.e. shop smart
    • make time for a vacation. abroad. (thats why make time)
    • be more err patient i guess, or bitchier or tactful
    • find the most perfect man for myself 😛 nowww thats called real challenge.



    Who are you and Where are you going?

    I have a lot of lovely memories attached to those two questions 🙂
    Just something random- see the first video, the 2nd doesnt work, though I so want to see it now.
    Sometimes I think that if doing assignments is so pissing off, which is given as a practise for regular/normal work which one might do in the future, so this means that actual work will be even more pissing off, which means that we will ok I will crib even more in the future.
    Or One could assume that I will become used to working/ cribbing? Or have I already become good at cribbing.


    Time management and people management are both like bubble management.
    I have not partied in ages. I think I have forgotten what partying is like.
    Don’t understand how people operate…who lies, doesnt lie..honest dishonest…
    And lastly, what are we all actually looking for in life???!!!