El Matador.

At the crack of dawn the little warrior wakes up, ready to take on a battle, which could vary from a WWE fight to a pirate’s shipwreck, it could be some god awful play station game or some other mumbo jumbo battle. Thank god for a ban on counter strike by the senior. And this is absolutely the best time to grab the empty arena, afterall the bulls are fast asleep, otherwise the scene is similar to a spanish bullfight during the day time, with each bull ready to charge on the sole matador. Ofcourse after the little warrior is sent away to school or pushed away from the sole matador (who god knows how manages to control the bulls and warriors..err you must be wondering what the warriors have to do with the matador..don’t worry even i don’t know) And then comes the senior warrior charging through the share market sites and cnbc news online. And if its a holiday its travel and health sites.
Obviously the bulls have their own time all throughout the day to surf and browse, converse and contact, chat and relax, study, do research and download music. And every single person apart from yours truly never ever bothers to restart the sole matador if its hung OR for that matter switch it off!
And to think that we are all vying for the sole matador’s undivided attention.
As Juhi Chawla puts it in the kurkure ad- Kya family hai!!


When I am gone
Remember the jokes, the smiles
and the walks that we took for miles..
Remember the faint cracks in my heart,
The shadow on my conscience..
The rustle, the panic, the burst of excitement.
But when I am gone
Forget my eyes, not my tears.
Forget the faces, not my fears..
Build your dreams
on the hopes i leave, unfulfilled.

And for those of you who thought that i’ve stopped using my camera..there are a few pics in the photo album…which i clicked at this Cemetery i went to. Couldn’t take too many pics since i was trying to help record footage (do not remind me of which, since its not of the best quality) so clicked a few clicks from the camera cell nokia 6270! they’re available here


I want to write.
but i dont feel like
i want to
but i dont feel like
i want to
but i dont feel like
I want to write.
but i dont feel like
i want to
but i dont feel like
i want to
but i dont feel like

I want to write.
but i dont feel like
i want to
but i dont feel like
i want to
but i dont feel like

Does this happen to everyone?
Then again maybe some realllly random lessons—
# 2456: The day you plan out something, it never really works that way, so might as well dont plan to raise your own hopes only to see them sinking down.
# 2457: But dont worry since what you didn’t plan out, might end up being fun as well.
The foul food theory- Never cut down on fried food. It chases you like bees buzzing around a beehive.
DVD’s and me seem incompatible. Whenever its free to be watched, I’m not free to watch it. hmph.
Love is like a butterfly, if you hold it in your hand it will die.
There is only one person in the whole world whose patience is worth the world and that is my mother!!
and since am runnin out of patience…
thats all for now.

i make no sense!

Simple recipe to join a rat race
Take 3 cups of quantam
2 tablespoons of DI
2 teaspoons of logical reasoning
3 teaspoons of general awareness
Stir it with lots of mad geeks, nerds, insane herd followers, mba-holics (inspired by M’s nudgeoholic who btw is me) and sprinkle reading comprehension and knowledge of english for taste.
Add questions u have never heard of, questions that you will never require for the rest of your life.
And voila! You have your very own Ratty Crackling Cat!
Oh well Just give CAT exams.
psst: am NOT giving them…i still need to study all dat tho 😦 argh
And if i have hurt the sentiments of all the religious CAT-o-holics then I’m really sorry. sniff. May u get through IIM! Amen.

Moving on I was trying to find out more about jinxed people/things…if anyone has any information please contact me here.

Seems like suddenly Gandhi has become the talk of the town, atleast in the papers…Munnabhai effect. Brand Gandhi. Gandhigiri.
Really like this one quote on non-violence
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

One hope,
In the eyes
Seeking life..away from life.
Dangling hopes,
In mid air-
Looking down, rising high.
AND i dont know why i wrote that.