Squeezed. Eyes quite shut. I saw a dream. A dream sometimes reality. Reality and matuiry blurred between the lines. Illusions and troubles, sometimes come alive. Not a single, but many droplets. Laughter and pleasure slowly drowning wet. Never together, linked forever…jelly beans and jello, mustard and vinegar. Rhymes insulted, poems deserted. The other side awaits, once the story betrays. If some day you turn back… the pages, the rhymes the eyes and the sight…still alive, still existing the pain resides, the memory collides.


It just makes me feel so good to see my 10 year bro finally wanting to read a book!
Yeeaaaaaah FINALLY!

Yeh mera deewanapan hai (Song courtesy- The Namesake)

Dear God
Why do u make me realise 3 days ebfore exams that i’m not prepared? Why do you throw in a wedding in the family at the same time? Why do you not give me free time to sleep half the day and curl up with a book for the rest of the day and listen to music loudly all night or go out to eat cozy dinners!! Why? why? Why are you not giving me time to plan out for other things which I’m suppossed to?
All those ‘Gods’ who might leave a reply, You’re not going thru it so u can smile but DO NOT make fun of me cuz if i do not pass these exams it will not be funny.
Thank you.


When in trouble….sleep over it.
When frustrated…sleep over it.
When tiresome..sleep over it.
When agitated..sleep over it.
When the world seems to suck…sleep over it.
When problems cloud your eyes…sleep over it.
When nothing seems to work…sleep over it.
What the fuck do u do when u are unable to sleep?


The problem with my life is that there is always a problem!
Even when everything seems ok, slightly in control..there will ALWAYS be some crunch situation or some mess or some new foolishness to deal with.
Without fail.