Virrudh- of Powerful Aby,Cute John,Product Endorsements…and some more

Paid 80 bucks to watch virrudh yesterday..and got treated to another movie as well!
Being on the broke side these days we ended up getting seats in the 3rd row (inox) while half the rows were empty…the 2nd movie was too compelling to actually leave the 3rd row and grab better seats. 30 minutes into the film…with John’s hot looks..Aby Sr.’s amazing comedy…we realised we were being treated to movie part 2..a mushy cozy couple liplocking on our left row. That was enough to have my friends & me stare at them every 15 minutes..squealing & passing comments on them as well..lolz
Coming back to the film..Good performances by Amitabh and Sharmilla Tagore- they are brilliant..the story becomes a little typical in some parts ( like aby buying gajras..and then making them with his own hands..the scenes where Sharmilla gives the cop aby’s medicines and he does the same etc.) And product endorsements..oh God- everything from Elf engine oil to nerolac paints to calcium sandoz..western union money transfer….Endless! might have missed some or two endoresements are ok..but this got a little silly…No songs in the film-THANK GOD! not even the small little sad versions- the film would have been a disaster had there been one or two of those emotional senti songs…all actors perform well.. anusha’s accented hindi matches with her role..john as the whole world is improving with each film..and sanjay dutt good too (though i don’t really understand why the credits show "In a dynamic performance- sanjay dutt" ..i mean he doesn’t have that dynamic a role…unless ur considering the scenes where he breaks half the furniture in aby’s home to be dynamic!! ..lolz) But overall a good film..can watch once..!
As for the smooching couple..they realised that they have an they stuck to holding hands n resting their heads on each others shoulders…the girl walked out like half an hour before the ending with the guy following..prompting my friend to say "I’m sure they had  fight" Yeah right!