Thought for the day.

The rains are shameless

Confessions of a first time Hostelboun High Alert Express

1. I am in Love with Pearls Before Swine.

2. Finally we know the reason behind the big bazaar boom. Food.

3. I need to focus. Really.

4. What is with the hype behind ‘The Dark Knight’? No I mean… I shall
watch it but STOP suffocating me with talks about the Joker et all

5. We run to the city like we’re on some reality/adventure based game show.

6. Classes will turn into an excuse soon

7…and Career will turn into one too.

8. Unless I focus.

9. Or decide

10. Some people take time to decide, but some decide to completely make it a chewing gum experience

11. I need to quit being a tensionoholic

12. I have enough time to lose weight.

13. Repeat till you sleep.

Pressing Rewind

Cut. Snip. Join. Reload. Playback. Tracks. Raw Dumps..
If it’s true that we regret the present more often than revelling in it, and turn around and look at the days gone by with a look of nostalgia and a tinge of sadness in our hearts, then I am probably another shining example of that piece of truth.
St. Xavier’s College was a part of my life I could never figure out..At one level it was random and lazy…at another level it gave me a chance to discover something I never knew much about…Editing. I don’t know if it involves some special knack or software skills or constructive talent but I thoroughly enjoyed being the woman in charge for giving shape to films. Spending hours with friends or collegues arguing over shots, stealing chances to criticise the entire crew involved in the making, asking friends to run downstairs to pick up grub for the hungry editors…Contemplating, watching and rewatching shots endlessly, giving structure to the story, watching a film come alive, practically moulding it with your hands..the feeling is undescribable..
I was suggested to pursue it further, but I had my eyes elsewhere..I don’t completely regret the decision, but I wonder yet again..whether regretting the present is yet another mistake?