Rambling continues.

Sometimes you wish to spend the entire day at home, and thats the only day you don’t get to.

Life at home is full of leisure, laziness and time wastage. On those days i sometimes want to cook something that suit my taste buds (what i am forced to eat at home doesn’t match my taste buds), curl up with chocolates/ chips and a good book, watch tv on and off, log on obviously, play scrabble or taboo..and just about do nothing.

Funnily though, if this routine repeats itself constantly i start feeling uselss and worthless and jobless.

Thats why college is a safe haven..even if I’m wasting time there, atleast i don’t feel like-‘i just sat home all day’ 😛

We always seem to have one desire lined up..and the grass always seems greener on the other side.

Why am i saying all this??!!


They both grabbed the couch next to the rack containing recipe books. And then began the gossip session. My husband..his habits, he’s this he’s that…probably discussed a whole lot of bedroom troubles too. I stopped paying attention the minute they started talking about a certain Father in my college.. (i know all the gossip about them anyways lolol)

Browsed through many books in 2 hours. i still think its one of the best ways of spending time with yourself–Go to a bookshop.

The rabbit signifies me.(half of you dont know what am talking about) Watch out for my rabbit and its moods.

Coming soon.

Coincidentally Winnie the Pooh also has a friend called Rabbit:

Rabbit is a responsible rabbit who happens to be a good friend of Winnie the Pooh. He is always practical and keeps his friends on their toes, although the latter sometimes cause him unintended aggravation. He also likes his garden and does whatever he can to protect it from other animals such as bugs and crows.


But this is NOT my rabbit. We just happen to share certain characteristics.







Somebody out there is hunting for his dreamgirl, somebody waiting for her prince charming. You want to know about your career prospects, your health, children, married life, business, investments..
We all want to know the future.Don’t We?
How many of you sneak up and read that horoscope in the papers? Sceptical about certain days of the week–saturday/monday whatever!
Tarot Card–the latest fad (now is anyone bothered if it really works or not?)
Vaastu, Palm reading, oh well even Feng Shui..study in the south/west/north east where ever
(Statuary warning: i just made that up, do not blame me if u dont do well while sitting in one of those directions, cramming before your exams)
The point is, do these things really work?
Why do people have such blind faith in them?
Fortune Tellers–how does their head work? Do they have a strong sense of Intutuion and Sixth Sense?
How do they develop these characteristics? (now dont give me the sun, moon logic)


Foolish me
Didn’t strike me, when i saw my friend’s number on my Mom’s dialled list.
Didn’t strike me when my friends forced me to change clothes, which is something i’d never do, especially when am tired, hate dressing up.
Didn’t strike me when te receptionist at the club stupidly mentioned, there are other guests waiting for you. Huh?
He smartly covered up by saying there’s another party.
I walked in to hang out with two of my buddies, after a tiring but VERY rewarding day at college. Its awesome see respect in other people’s eyes for yourself (especially when its the guys with big egos who think girls can’t do anything :P) and its obviously satisfying when your work is appreciated! 🙂
Walking into the lawn i see 10 of my friends waiting for me, with my family following me from behind (when did they come here??!!)
Whoaaaa, what, when, how!!
So happy birthday to me 🙂
Right from Treasure hunt at home, to chocolate cake made by sis to chocolate pudding made by friend..to clothes to crazy african doll to the cutest green square pillow with a cow on it (thanks praps i already Love cuddling up to it)…ok those  were my gifts 😀
But real gifts, are obviously people around me, my family, my friends..who just know how to make me feel special and get me out of my frustrations. Thank God for them, and for u all spacers too..thanks for all the lovely wishes (to those who bothered to ask AND remembered, to those who never bothered to ask And to a few whom i had to remind again–wish meee
20 feels good as of now, i had a blast and I’m on an all time high (without the tequilla)..I wont get anything to dishearten me easily and I’m gonna learn to be tough this year round!


Ok as Horus asked me to talk to a life saver..im making an attempt here cuz all the other life savers have their own busy lives and though i’d eventually talk to them i prefer to cry alone (all right you bunch of strangers can witness )  and then keep moaning instead of the other way round, and i guess my blog can handle my whinings pretty well 😛
I’m frustrated. F-R-U-S-T-R-A-T-E-D
Very very frustrated…this word seems to stick to me.
For the nth time in the past few weeks, things just NEVER go as planned. This is the biggest 20th birthday lesson: never expect things to go as planned. Heck when i plan to do nothing work calls me!
(yeah now u see my horrible plight!!)
Speaking about my 20th birthday I’m hating it already..and it hasn’t even begun. For once i want to drown myself in tequilla (im just talking crap please bear with me)
I probably need a break, but the break seems to have broken away from me..and its lost somewhere. yea laugh. its your day to laugh not mine.
Sometimes i wonder as 20 yr olds we’re still treated as kids at times, and other times we’re expected to be superhuman beings. its stupid. now if i want to run away for two days i know i can’t. (DONT ask me why cant u??)
i would  love doing that though.
I’d love to add a whole lot of things i’d like to do before my 21st birthday (cuz this one seems to be a spoilt one already)..
  • do bungee jumping..i dont even mind jumping from my window, its too low though.
  • shop lift, i’ve never done that..i soo want to do it now!
  • stay out all night..come back home in the morning
  • satisfy myself, work wise..(when i work that is)
  • my spa dream is still due 😦
  • go to a beach (i dont remember when i last went to a beach) waaahh i need abreak
  • stop having milk twice a day. hmph. (yeah M laugh..atleast am providing entertainment)

I saw 12 episodes of the Joey show and i hate his sister Jenna , she’s too ‘in your face’ with a sick voice too  irritating not to mention i feel the urge to cover her with clothes each time i see her :P. The show is ok though not as funny as FRIENDS but if both are not compared the show’s pretty good.




I’ve never been more happier, I’ve never been more lazy

I’ve a lot left undone, but i couldn’t care less.

Why am i losing my will?

I might regret later on, i just might drown in self criticism.

But as of now a part of me wants to be detached..

I want to do lots, but my initiative seems to be resting.

Its crazy.

I’m sad, happy, bored, interested, active and lazy.

Everything together.

It doesn’t help that a score is days away, and all i can see on the other side,

is more responsibility.

I hate that word.